“Cary’s Got Talent” Overview


“Cary’s Got Talent”  showcased a wide variety of our student body’s wacky and impressive talents. This year’s eclectic array of acts ranged from singing and dancing to grape throwing and ventriloquism! Here are some fast facts about the winning talents:

In 3rd place… Michael Faltz and Micah Patchin!

These two Cary High seniors, opening the second half of the show, engrossed the audience with their extraordinary grape throwing (and catching) skills. Michael even caught one thrown across the auditorium!

In 2nd place…  Allie Jessee and Mr. Jessee!

Allie sang “Gravity” while Mr. Jessee accompanied her on the piano. It was a beautiful performance and a heartwarming father-daughter moment thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance.

In 1st place… Abby Davis!

Abby played the guitar while performing her original song “Take it All.” Abby is an aspiring musician whose most recent album, Bonus Room, is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Read her interview with The Page‘s Jake Bryant.

Best Overall… the Super Skippers: Elise Bagley, Megan Mersh, Scott Venable, and Sam Denham!

The Super Skippers were entertaining as always, jumping and flipping in and out of ropes as the crowd watched in awe. What ultimately gave this group the “Best Overall” title was the ever iconic “butt jump roping” act (often featured at Cary High Pep Rallies)!

Overall, “Cary’s Got Talent” was a blast, and hopefully we’ll see you there next year!

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