Cary Students Inspired at “Paint the Page”

Megan Mersch, 11th grade

By Ruby Schweitzer

Teenagers wandered away round the beautiful gardens with easels and pencils in hand, sketching the landscape and the 19th-century architecture. The weather was sunny and warm, feeling more like spring than fall. The trees swayed slightly in the wind, creating a peaceful atmosphere that was felt by everyone outside. 

This was the scene at Paint the Page, an annual contest sponsored by the Town of Cary for young artists that took place October 6th. Students from all around Wake County were invited to tour the Page-Walker house in downtown Cary and create a work of art inspired by the building. During the tour they learned about the history of the Page-Walker house and got to see some of the original furniture that was in the house when it functioned as a hotel in the late 19th century.

Paint the Page was started by a member of the Cary Teen Council four years ago as a way to involve young people in history and the arts. Barbara Wetmore, a volunteer at the Page-Walker house who coordinated the event, says “[We’re] giving artists a venue to share their talent and hoping that some of them will remember something from here today that they didn’t know. That maybe they’ll go back and tell their friends a little bit about Cary’s history.”

Megan Mersch, a Cary High junior, says she found out about Paint the Page in her Art III class. “The [Page Walker house] was very moving and was a lively experience… It was amazing to meet other artists and showcase my talents.” She encourages other students to participate in the event next fall.

    On October 13th, the finished pieces were shown at a reception for the artists and their friends and families. The winning piece received a cash prize of $100, and five $50 Judge’s Choice awards were given out as well. The winning piece will be on display at the Page-Walker house for the rest of the year for anyone who wishes to visit a historical and creative landmark of Cary.

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