2020 Women’s March on Raleigh


Since 2017, Americans across the nation have come together during the month of January with a common goal: the advancement and protection of women’s rights. Every week it seems there’s another push to limit a woman’s right to an abortion, another sexual assault case from Hollywood, and another politician making degrading comments about their female peers. The statistics for sexual violence against women in the United States are too high- one in three women, to be exact. Too many women are silenced from sharing their stories.

The Women’s March is a chance for women to unapologetically speak out and raise their concerns for this country. On January 26th, at Halifax Mall, speakers of all different races, religions, ages, and backgrounds talked about the discrimination against women-of-color, domestic violence, and the importance of voting. This year’s theme, “Women Protecting the Future,” is especially important, as the Primary Elections for president are upon us, and the General Election is in November. Women must take to the polls to vote for candidates who will protect their rights.

I’ve attended the March on Raleigh since 2018, and I will continue to do so. Let it be known that our generation is one of new ideas and unity: a generation of bright minds and hard-workers. I know that this year will be the year of change. The year where women will finally be heard.

The March (Photographer: Sam Weisz)

Walking in from the march

The Rally

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