The First 2020 Presidential Debate: A Headache

By Amarah Din

If you watched the first 2020 Presidential Debate, you probably developed a migraine. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on, we can all agree that this debate was a disaster from start to finish. From constant interruptions, to arguments, to yelling-fits, this debate perfectly showcases the current state of America.

Moderated by Chris Wallace from Fox News, the debate left voters asking themselves a slew of questions. Are we politically stable? If our political leaders can’t be respectful and civil, what’s to be expected for the future of our nation? Was there a “winner” in this debate? When do we draw the line in politics? And do we draw it before or after attacking family members of the opposing side?

One thing is for certain: there were no surprises.

Joe Biden announced he wasn’t in support of the Green New Deal as stated on his website; he has a new plan, but we don’t know what it is. He openly supported law enforcement and referred to the system as having a “few bad apples.”

Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for his previous drug addiction and falsely claimed he was dishonorably discharged from the military because of it. Trump also failed to condemn white supremacy and instead told the right-wing extremist group, Proud Boys, to “stand back and standby.”

It is not enough to sit back and hope for the best for the 2020 election. We must take to the polls and vote. Whether it be by mail or in person, early or on November 3rd, make your voice heard. This debate might have caused a nationwide headache, but we can persist through the chaos.

The North Carolina Voter Registration Deadline is October 9th. We encourage anyone and everyone who is eligible to vote to utilize their rights. To vote in the 2020 General Election, visit this website to register:

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