Thrifting in Cary: A Review

By: Lindsay Gorman

Thrifting has become a popular trend in the past couple years due to fashion bloggers and YouTubers. Not only is thrifting affordable, it is sustainable for the planet when you buy secondhand clothing. I think thrifting is exciting because it’s a mystery every time as to what you might find, and you can go home with a clothing item nobody else has. I’ve been thrifting for a couple years now, so here is a rating of the thrift stores in the Cary area: 

Thrift 2 Gift


Thrift 2 Gift is a branch of Seeds of Mustard Ministries, an organization created after the death of a young boy named David in a car accident. Seeds of Mustard donates money and life items to the children of the Dominican Republic, and Thrift 2 Gift was opened in 2010. This is my personal favorite thrift store!

Location: 900 E Chatham St 



GCF is a nonprofit chain with more than 157 community-based locations throughout the United States and Canada. Their website states: “Goodwill focuses on employment, education and life- enrichment opportunities throughout 51 counties throughout Eastern North Carolina.”  I have found some cool pieces here, but prices could be lower.

Location: 220 Kilmayne Dr



Dorcas Thrift Shop is run by Dorcas Ministries. Dorcas Ministries has been around since 1986 and opened their first thrift store in 1972. In 2011, they moved into their current location for more space, and they have expanded their services offered. I rated Dorcas two stars because it can be super busy and hard to move around, and I usually don’t find anything here. 

Location: 187 High House Rd 

Durham Rescue Mission


Durham Rescue Mission is the only thrift store not in the Cary area, but I wanted to include it because it is a really huge and cool place. Not only does DRM have a store, they also are the oldest and largest long-term homeless shelter. They are an amazing organization, and their thrift store is a must to check out. 

Location: 10701 Glenwood Ave

Plato’s Closet


If you’re looking for name brand items at a lower price, Plato’s closet is your go-to. You can bring in your name brand clothes, and they will go through them and give you money for the items they take. It’s a great way to make money, and you can go shopping while your clothes are being looked at. The prices are more expensive than your typical thrift store, but not as much as if you bought them new from the mall. 

Location: 111 Crossroads Blvd

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