Preliminary Plans for Cary Towne Center Remodel Released to the Public

By: Alexis Cope

Plans for the revitalization of the Cary Towne Center were released to the public over the first weekend in October. The project calls for the complete demolition and redevelopment of the 87-acre plot of land nearby Cary High School. 

Built in 1979, the Cary Towne Center has undergone little remodeling since. In recent years, businesses have left the space, and the mall has become a widely acknowledged dead zone. Several attempts to attract developers in the past have failed, with the most notable being the possible construction of an IKEA outlet on the lot, plans which later fell through. 

However, it has been confirmed that big-name developers Turnbridge Equities, based in New York, and Denali Properties, based in Texas, will be working to completely rebuild the land. The new center, dubbed Carolina Yards, will incorporate retail, living, hotel, and office space with exciting and exquisite modern designs. With its proximity to local RDU airport and nearby highways, Carolina Yards will serve as not only an accessible local landmark, but one for those traveling as well. 

Carolina Yards will include the few businesses still situated in the Cary Towne Center, such as Belk and Dave & Busters, while incorporating new ones in the areas of cuisine and other forms of retail. The development will also include outdoor pavilions and new roads to connect the hotels, residential spaces, and offices.

This project falls in perfect line with the revitalization that has been happening over the past few years in Cary. Recently, a new, more modern regional library was built to accommodate the greater demand for books and other resources in the city, and planning for the Downtown Park, a seven-acre park consisting of a playground and gardens, among other elements, has been released within the last year. The announcement of Carolina Yards is simply another grand proposal to make Cary a more family and business friendly area. 

Carolina Yards will also be developing on pre-owned land, rather than clearing previously wooded areas for construction, an action that has been taken by several other construction companies for their creation of residential spaces and other facilities. This is not only beneficial for the local environment, but it also creates new life in an area that was not filled with it already. 

Groundbreaking for Carolina Yards is scheduled to take place in February of 2021, and construction is expected to be completed towards the end of 2022.

To view pictures, maps, and other information on the Carolina Yards project, visit

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