Comfort Movies

By: Anna Burggraff

What are Comfort Movies?

A Comfort Movie is a movie that you find joy and peace in while watching. Some comfort movies are sad, some happy, and some funny. With comfort movies, you have typically seen them numerous times and never get tired of them. Many comfort movies are established as a child and continue to bring you joy in some of your worst times. They turn that frown upside down.

What are your comfort movies?

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Bella Swan is a teenager who never really fit in anywhere. She loves to read and keep to herself. Bella’s step-dad is handed the opportunity to go on tour with his baseball team, and her mother decides to go along. With her mom going on tour, she’s left to live with her dad in a small town in Forks, Washington. Bella finds herself in a very different world: a small town, rain, and not a lot of people. Bella meets a series of people that change her life forever. Why? They’re supernatural. Throughout the series, we see Bella struggle with staying safe and deciding between two boys. 

This is tied for my favorite series. The music is incredibly chosen and composed. The atmosphere of the town she resides in is full of interesting people, it’s quiet, and rainy. Everything is incredible. These are my favorite comfort movies of all time. They provide me with such a warm feeling and are the perfect movies for a rainy fall day.


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Harry Potter is a young boy who lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin after the tragic death of his parents. Harry is invited to Hogwarts, a school of magic, and learns that he is special. Hogwarts is a magical school hidden in England where only invited people are allowed. Throughout the series, we as viewers are able to watch the main characters face hardships and Voldermort, a wizard gone bad. Along with trouble, we see the character’s growth from age and education. The 3 main characters, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, are very well loved because of their kindness and strength towards the people around them and the troubles they face throughout the series. This is one of the most famous sets of movies, and for good reason. If you find yourself enjoying the movies as much as many people have, check out the incredibly well written books by J.K. Rowling.

I love these movies. I watched this series for the first time when I was around 8 years old and have continued to watch them since. These movies provide me with a safe feeling and are perfect for fall, in my opinion. If you are looking for a series that explores the wizarding world and are perfect for curling up by the fire with blankets and tea, these are the movies for you. 

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Mia Thermopolis is a teenage girl who lives in San Francisco, California with her mother. Mia was picked on by the “popular” crowd at her school, and this causes her to be envious of those girls and the lives they have. With a visit from her grandmother, whom she had never met before, she learns that she is a princess. Throughout the movie, we see Mia struggle with the decision she holds whether or not she wants to be crowned Princess of Genovia or continue to be an average teenage girl. 

I watched Princess Diaries many times when I was a little girl and to this day, I can probably quote the whole movie. Mia is a great character who finds herself facing a difficult situation and learns what the value of true friendship and a loving family can hold.

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The movie begins with a new student named Cameron James. Cameron meets a boy who shows him the way of the campus and attempts to explain that there are cliques. Cameron is stuck on the pretty, popular girl, at this school and attempts to be seen by her. The popular girl is Bianca Stratford, and her father does not allow her to date anyone unless her sister, Kat Stratford does. Kat doesn’t like the labels of high school and likes to do her own thing. She is seen as a rebel and scary to boys; she’s basically a boy repellent, as Bianca would describe. Cameron, persistent to date Bianca, tries to find someone that would pair up perfectly with Kat. 

This movie is so cute and makes you cry at times. Learning about each character and the differences they all hold that make them humans are beautifully created in this movie.            

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Cady Heron, a new student, finds herself meeting a boy and a girl named Damian and Janis, who show her the different cliques and the problems with each. The group of mean girls at her school attempt to invite her into their friend group because she’s new meat for them to prey on. Damian and Janis come up with a sneaky plan to encourage Cady to join the popular group in attempts to destroy them and their “wrath” over the school. The audience watches as Cady gets wrapped up in the popularity and becomes a horrible person to her former friends and family. 

This is such a popular movie because it’s truly hilarious. Whenever I’m feeling down, I find myself watching this movie for a good laugh. I highly recommend this movie to the people who just want something lighthearted and funny, while also holding an interesting story line.

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