Holiday Traditions of The Page Staff

By: The Page Staff

Sarah Govert: On the first weekend after Thanksgiving, my mom and I always go to a Christmas tree farm to go buy a tree and bring it home. We decorate it that night and listen to Christmas music, and we always start with putting the angel and bird ornaments at the very top. (The baseball player ornament we have is my favorite, for obvious reasons.) We also have an Advent calendar that my grandma made, and we do it every night from December 1st to December 24th. I also tend to convince my mom to drive around and go look at Christmas lights with me almost three times a week, and I especially love driving around downtown Cary and looking at the tree, the wreaths, and the lanterns lining the streets. 

Amarah Din: On Christmas Eve, my family reads the book “The Night Before Christmas” that my aunt recorded a voiceover with.

Alexis Cope: A tradition we have is making my great grandmothers spritz cookies – a German sugar cookie. They are so good and the entire family loves them, and they remind us all of our her and our family from the past.

Lindsay Gorman: Something my family does every year is the Austrian tea ceremony. We each get a cup of tea and a spoon with rum and sugar on it. Then we each light our spoon and a blue flame appears and you make a wish for the new year and then dunk the spoon in the tea. Then we drink the tea and eat cookies.

Johanna Ramirez-Perez: My traditional Mexican Christmas is a Mexican punch that is warm and filled with apples, pears, cinnamon, tamarind, and many other things. We usually open gifts around 12 am as a family with relatives. Sometimes we do posadas that start from December 16-24, which is a representation of the journey between Joseph and Mary so that Mary could give birth to baby Jesus.

Celia Pope: We always drive around looking at the houses with cool Christmas lights in the Triangle area.

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