COVID-19 Quarantine 101

By: Regan Sumy 

We’re all coming to the point where we want quarantine to be over, or at least remove some boundaries. Whether you wish you could go to the mall with your friends, get into a routine of going back to school on a normal basis, or simply take a walk with a neighbor without distancing and wearing masks, we’re all feeling the same way. 

I know I am ready for all of those changes, but for a better future, we must do better now. I get it, you’re over living through a world pandemic, but we have to make smart decisions for a bright, healthy future. Together, we can be better. 

I decided to make a list of things you can do in quarantine (at home, by yourself) to prevent boredom, keep your mind and body in a healthy state, and remind you of the world outside of technology: 

-Turn on “vibey” lighting, your favorite playlist, and dance in the mirror.

-Put all electronics on the other side of your room, and crawl into bed for a good nap. 

-Sit on your back porch and listen to a podcast or read a book accompanied by the sound of nature.

-Write a letter to a friend, family member, or your favorite celebrity. 

-Get out a sheet of paper and write down everything you are thinking about – then shred it up and recycle it. 

-Do a workout (optional- get a friend on FaceTime or Google Meet to join you!)

-Turn on relaxing music and do a yoga or stretching session. 

-Do some coloring, drawing, painting, or anything related to your favorite style of art.

-Write a short story, poem, journal entry, etc. on what is happening in your life at that moment.

-Walk around your house and say something positive to everyone (yes, even pets). Just make someone laugh!

-Freestyle on any type of instrument (yes, your vocal cords count too).

-Get dressed up and do an at-home photo shoot. 

-Do a craft! Sewing, knitting, Legos, origami, or anything else really.

-Play a board game with your family (or set up a Kahoot game on Google Meet or Zoom to play with family and friends)

-Bake or cook a new recipe. 

-Cook a meal (or dessert) for your family. 

-Go through your room- clothes, junk drawers, all those nooks and crannies. Out with the old and in with the new!

-Clean everything in your room- bed sheets, clothes, desks, mirrors, door handles. 

-Clean your bathroom (if it is shared, see if the person you share it with will help!)

-Take a bath, paint your nails, and do a spa day!

-Go out in your yard and run around, practice your favorite sport, or play with your pet.

-Offer to help someone in your household with something (a chore, work, etc.)

Those were my favorite ideas, and I have even done some over quarantine. I highly encourage you to choose something (though it doesn’t have to be from this list) and give yourself the sensation of being productive. Personally, it has been hard not to just sit around watching TikTok or scroll through Instagram all day, but I am becoming mentally healthier because I chose to spend time away from screens. And, as I said before, I highly recommend doing the same thing. 

Thanks for reading! 
Want some more ideas and inspiration? Check out Amarah Din’s “Bored? A List of Things To Do”

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