Cary’s Cupid: First Names A-H


ALEXIS COPE AND SARAH GOVERT: i’m so glad i get to spend this crazy school year with y’all as editors in chief. i can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store. happy vday ❤ (Love, Amarah Din)

ALEXIS KVIRING: happy v day jeeba leeba! (Love, Anonymous)

ALIZ GUTIERREZ RODRIGUEZ: Hope this valentines is a great one for you because you deserve it!  (Love, Anonymous)

AMARAH DIN: thank you for the wonderful 6 years of friendship! you’re so kind and always a joy to be around! happy valentine’s day! ❤ (Love, Izzy Rivera)

AMARAH DIN, HARRISON BROWN, ELLA VITAGLIONE, GRACE LAMB, SARAH STEVENS, ZITTLALY SANCHEZ: Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for being such great friends and amazing people. Love y’all ❤ (Love, Kaitlin Fowler)

ANDREA SOO-HOO: roses are red, violets are blue, i love failing ap lang with you (Love, Sophia Ly)

ANDREA SOO-HOO: you’re super cool, thanks for sticking with me since freshman music appreciation class ❤ (Love, Gabby LeBron)

ANDREJ LOZEVSKI: Love you bestie (Love, Anonymous)

ANIAH WOODARD: oh my good lord, you’re so fine 🤤🤤 you’re like a ray to my sunshine, jelly to my peanut butter. girl, i’ve been thinking about you all day long… but you haven’t for me since i can’t tell you who i am 🤫 (Love, Anonymous)


ANIYAH BOULWARE: Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ (Love, Blythe Schick)

ANIYAH BOULWARE: hey bestie 🧍🏾‍♀️ (Love, Makayla Mazyck)

ANNA BURGGRAFF: I love you Anna bae, thanks for helping to bring me closer to God. U da best g birdbath (Love, Maddie Alger)

ANNA BURGGRAFF: HI BAE happy valentines day ❤ hope you’re having an amazing day :)) i know the past year hasn’t been easy but i’m so proud of how far you’ve come and i can’t wait to see what you do. love you so much <333 (Love, Kenzie Dingess)

ANNA CURTIS: yo what’s up. your hair in your profile pic is really cute. it reminds me of a friend’s hairstyle. hope you have a good life and better grades than i do. (Love, Richard Williams)

ANNA SALDIVAR: 1 year in, and it feels like it hasn’t been that long. I’m never bored around you and you always look out for me, I appreciate you and everything you have helped become. You truly are my star (Love, Anonymous)

ARTEM TIKHOMIROV: Hey Artem so I’m sure you’re wondering who this is but I just wanted to say that I’ve always thought you were cute and really chill. Btw yeah you know me 🙂 (Love, Anonymous)

AVA ADAMS: Hey love, I just wanted to let you know that you’re one of the few people that I trust and love dearly. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for being there at my highest and lowest. I love you so much (forever and always) and I miss you ❤ (Love, Leslie Augillon)

AVA RAICH: happy valentines day ava ❤ (Love, Anonymous)

AVERY PHILLIPS: chocolate strawberry time?? happy valentine’s day!! (Love, Anonymous)

AVERY PHILLIPS, AVERY WRIGHT, LILLIE JESSEE, AND SOPHIA MORRIS: Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Thank you for all being the best friends I could ask for. Love you!! (Love, Regan Sumy)

BANKS RUSSELL: Roses are red, violets are blue, since you dropped ap psych, i no longer like you👎🏻 (Love, Anonymous)

BECCA NEILL: I am enamored by your presence. You are captivating. Eternally yours. (Love, Anonymous)

BECCA NEILL: What if I wrote my credit card information here. I’m just kidding I won’t do it I promise. Becca i hope you have an okay day. (Love, Madeline McGee)

BENJAMIN GOODRIDGE: happy valentines day, ben. thank you for being my friend through all four years of high school, even though we got off to a bit of a rough start. love you so much (Love, Adrian Neill)

BENNETT PERRY: happy valentines day bp. I love you to the moon (Love, Anonymous)

BLAKE WILSON: Happy Valentine’s Day bro! Thank you for being my fake bf when I needed one❤️ (Love, Anonymous)

BLYTHE SCHICK, RILEY TINGLE, RACHEL MOSER, ALEXIS COPE, JOLIANA FAVALE, AND GABBY LEBRON: Happy Valentine’s Day! I love seeing all of you and I miss you all so much!! (Love, Sophia Morris)

CALEB WERGHIS: Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope it’s a good one (Love, Anonymous)


CAMILLE BROADWELL: First I sweep your wifey up then I take your daughter ride around a broomstick yea that’s Harry Potter. Wait til I drop these flames (I never … with lames) no sauce, no paper, no clout, juice. (Love, Madeline McGee)

COLE MEADE: loser, have a good day…okie (Love, Anonymous)

COLLEEN QUINLIVAN: Hey bestie I love you sooo much!!!!!! You’re my valentine<3333 (Love, Carsyn Gilmore)

DOMINIC MOORE: i’ve had a crush on you for 18 days. please call me (Love, Isabel Foster)

DYLAN YOUNG: HI DYLAN!! I wanted to do these for all my friends so that they know they’re loved and appreciated! Happy Valentine’s day!! (Love, Cin <3)

ELIANA SHEHATA: I’m Batman and you’re Robin in my heart 

-xoxo your secret admirer (Love, Anonymous)

ELLIE BELL: Happy Valentine’s day Eleanor!! Thank you for being the sweetest person ever. Love you kitty girl ❤ (Love, Anonymous)

EMERSON PHILLIPS: I love you!!! (Love, Anonymous)

FRANCES ANNE DOMAGTOY: You are such an amazing person and friend. I hope this Valentine’s Day is amazing, ily bro❤️ (Love, Anonymous)

GABRIELLA RODRIGUEZ-LEBRON: Hey I miss you I’m sure I’m with you by the time you read this but I’m very glad to have you and happy almost-one year (Love, Bennett Perry)

HANNAH ALPS: My Gal Pal since freshman year who I walked aside when we would make jokes about Mr. Woods. We had the best times together when we hung out at Dave and Busters late at night And ran out on the sig. You are my girl and only will be until we graduate D: jk..:) Peekaboo! forever <3. (Love, Josh Doyel)

HANNE HANSEN, AVA PETERS, CHARLEY GILEWICZ, AVERY WRIGHT, AVERY PHILLIPS, REGAN SUMY: Happy Valentine’s Day! You guys are all amazing and perfect and I hope you have a great day! (Love, Sophia Morris)

HARRISON BROWN: Our freshie daily walks are so missed. Going on four years love you so much<3. Really went through the annoying freshman stage to the annoyed seniors:) ily. (Love, Anonymous)

HENRY LETOURNEAU: From the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew you were the one. What a plot twist you were. Forever yours. (Love, Jessice Ryall)

HOLLYN BEATTY: Love u bestie (Love, Lindsay Gorman)

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