Cary’s Cupid: First Names I-P


JACK MORGENSTEIN: love u bb ❤ (Love, Anonymous)

JOCELYN MORGENSTEIN: can we like, marry each other? i love talking to you so much 🙂 i genuinely believe ur perfect xoxo (Love, Anonymous)

JOHANNA JOSEFINA RAMIREZ-PEREZ: Here you are despite it all, you sure have come a long way. Hope to see you soar high! So much love for ya!! ❤ (Love, Anonymous)

JUAN PATIÑO: I’m so happy to reach a year with you, and also having our anniversary near Valentine’s Day. You always make me want to be a better person for you, myself, and others. You deserve all the good things coming to you. Te amo mucho, babi! (Love, Anonymous)

JUSTINE MOESCH: habadabadoo! (Love, Anonymous)

KATIE ARLEDGE: Love you girl and happy Valentine’s Day!! From your bestie❤️ (Love, Anonymous)

KATIE WOOLWORTH: Happy Valentine’s Day Katie! Hope it’s awesome! (Love, Anonymous)

KEVIN ORTIZ-LEON: Your sweet friendship refreshes my soul ❤️ (Love, Anonymous)

KIMBERLY FOWLER: Happy Valentines Day! I couldn’t ask for a better sister, love you bestie. ❤ (Love, Kaitlin Fowler)

LILLIAN HUFFSTEDTLER: Happy valentine’s to my beautiful girlfriend of three years ❤ so lucky to have you babe ily (Love, Sam Weisz)

LILLY HUFFSTEDTLER AND SAM WEISZ: my fascist females!! i love you two so so much, thank you for sticking by my side for all of high school even when I was an incredibly annoying freshie. (Love, Sarah Govert)

LINDSAY LYNCH: Hey Bin Happy Valentine’s day!! I hope you have the best day ever, love you kitty girl ❤ (Love, Anonymous)

LUKE MINOR: You are so funny and adorable. I wish you would notice me. XOXO (Love, Anonymous)

MADDIE GROVESTEEN: I hope neil patrick harris comes to your house to wish you a happy Valentine’s day xoxo ❤ (Love, Natalie Arndt)

MARIA OLMEDO: Sup loser (Love, Adam Harris)

MARY PEELE: Happy Valentine’s Day Mary! You’re such an amazing friend and person and I hope you have a wonderful day❤️ (Love, Anonymous)

MATTIE GREEN: Happy Valentine’s day Mattie!! Thanks for being my best friend, I love you so much!! Church and YG are so much better with you. (Love, Anonymous)

MEGAN: I first fell in love with you at the game place near the planet fitness, and had our first date at Barnes and Noble bookstore. It could not get any better until we graduate together. (Love, IBA)

MIA MESE: Happy valentine’s day! You’re amazing and I’m so glad I have you ❤ (Love, Gabby LeBron)

MICHAEL MCGUINNESS: Love you bro, you’re my favorite brother!!! (Love, Mackenzie McGuinness)

MIKAYLA JOHNSON: I know it’s not a singing Valentine but I wanted you to know today that you are cared for, loved, valid, appreciated and trusted. I adore ya and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (Love, Lauren Burke)

MILES CRANE: i love you dummy, i miss you a lot. hope you have a good day! i’ll see you soon loser (Love, Dayanara Lopez-Diaz)

MILES CRANE: you’re cute…sometimes (Love, Anonymous)

MISSY BRITO-ARZOLA: Love is in the air and your friendship makes me smell the love of life the way God created it! (Love, Anonymous)

NADIA SNESAREV: Hey Boo, I hope you have a great valentine’s day!!! (Love, Anonymous)

NAILA DIN: I voted for you for Junior VP you seem very cool best of wishes (Love, Anonymous)

NAILA DIN: hey naila! thanks for being the best little sister i could ever have! love you ❤ (Love, Amarah Din)

NATALIE ARNDT: Please let me touch your toes king Julian 🥺🥺(Love, Anonymous)

NIHAR GODTHI AND JACK MORGENSTEIN: thank y’all for sticking with my ridiculous talkative self since the cary tourney freshman year!! speech and debate and high school has been so much more fun w you guys, and i can’t wait to play so much more catan and jackbox in college (i WILL be winning). (Love, Sarah Govert)

NIHAR GODTHI: Roses are red, politicians are hogs, my guy, you’re kinda pog (Love, Jack Morgenstein)

NIHAR GODTHI: Don’t talk back to… – Asian Sarah 🙂 (Love, Anonymous)

OMAR SABIR: You my dawg u sexy beast (Love, Jax Fuller)

PATRICK JESSEE (MR. JESSEE): You’re one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I’m very appreciative for all that you’ve helped me with for Research and Speech & Debate! You give very helpful constructive feedback to help me grow and let me know when I’m already doing great work to know that I’m on track 🙂 (Love, Naila Din)

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