The Color of Words

By: Chloe Wilson

Why do we color our words,

The same way we color the sky above us,

And the grass below?

Why do we think it’s our job

To place importance upon colors 

We do not own,

Colors upon cultures we do not understand?

Why is the white deemed innately successful, 

While the black is uncouth and loud?

Why is the pale yellow the erudite,

While the brown is stubborn and bold?

Do we subconsciously connotate words based off experience,

Or fear, or the impending norm?

Why do we willingly submit to these belittling words?

To these small minded meanings?

When we as a multitude of colors equate to so much more? 

A rainbow is diverse. 

A rainbow holds power, 

Power of the successful, the loud, the erudite, and the bold.

Because alone, a hue stands as nothing against a rainbow.

Alone a single word stands nothing against our colors. 

Stands nothing against who we are, and what we can do. 

Because as a people we are no single color, no single word.

Because we as a people are so much more,

We are us. 

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