Snow Forts

By: Gabby LeBron

I dressed for winter,

a long trench coat covering my

little ankles, a wool hat

over my ears 

to keep out the aches

I never knew you had skin

under that thick sweatshirt

In fact, through squinting eyes

one may even say 

there was no difference

I knew better, I think.

I learned your song

quicker than I’d like to confess

I read your book 

deep. and cried for you

before I knew why

So what I’m trying to say,

my love,

is that I dressed for winter

In thick skin and knitted scarves

I dressed for ice and hail,

sleet and snow

Never knowing that we would be

warm enough together,

and summer would come

like sinking into molasses

There was no reason to hide,

was there?

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