Pakistan Ravaged by Floods

By: Marwan Arafa 

Never before seen floods have affected the south Asian nation of Pakistan, which is hit, along with many other Asian nations, with annual monsoons that bring in seasonal rain and flooding. However, this year, with effects brought on by Climate Change, Pakistan is suffering from an amount of floods that have never been recorded in history which has nearly a third of the country underwater. With 33 million people affected in the country of 220 million and nearly 7.9 million displaced according to Reuters. These events will not only cause short term, but also long term effects on the nation. It is predicted by that Pakistan will suffer an economic loss of $12.5 billion as a direct result of the destruction caused by the flooding. 

Furthermore, western media does not cover the Pakistani deluge as well as it covers topics such as the Russia-Ukraine war. The connections between the massive floods and global warming has been rarely reported on and the amount of limited coverage only brings up the thought of there being an agenda of the media, to cover a topic such as the war raging in Eastern Russia every day, consistently and without stop, and not cover properly massive flooding that has impacted more than 30 million citizens, displaced millions, killed thousands, and submerged a third of the nation underwater. 

While the suffering of the Ukrainian people in the continuing war is no less important, the dichotomy of the reporting of the flooding in Pakistan and the war in Ukraine is hard to doubt and adds to the case of the Ukrainian war overshadowing a major event such as that in Pakistan.

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