Semester Change Thoughts

By: Mia Allen 

A fresh start. A new chapter. A new semester. These are all words that come to my head as I think about the final exams and changing classes for the new semester. As a freshman, this will be my first time doing this, and truthfully, the change in semesters can be intimidating. The fact that we’re already at the start of the second semester is a testament to how this year is flying by, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. This change is inevitable, but it affects people in different ways. 

Whether you are excited or nervous about the new semester, change can be a good thing. People react to change differently, and there are many different coping strategies you can use to help. Some ways one can cope with the change of semesters include taking steps to understand what next semester will be like. You can walk by your classes, so you know where to go and you can talk to your new teachers during lunch. Another way to cope with change is by having a positive mindset. For Example, “I have a class with my friend this semester” or “I’m so excited to read these books in English class!” Your mindset affects a lot of what you do. Grand Canyon University stated, “When children believe that their abilities can be developed, they can understand their natural development and talent are just the beginning.” This quote displays that a mindset can motivate you in your classes and help you reach your goals. Lastly, you can make realistic goals. A good example of this is, trying to ask questions so you can get a 95 on your science test, because science is not your best subject.

Now, semester change is not something everyone can agree on, but should we have it? 

According to, 80% of students find block scheduling positive. At Cary High, we accelerated block scheduling, which means four classes for the first semester and four different courses during the second semester. University of the People found that block scheduling allows for less homework, more focus, and longer planning periods for teachers. They also found some negative aspects of block scheduling. They found that this leads to a loss of community, fast-paced classes, and a struggle to catch up if you miss school. Students who miss school in a fast-paced environment can negatively affect their grades. The National Center For Education Statistics says, “Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance.” There are many sides people can take on this issue, and there are plenty of pros and cons to back up each argument. 

Now that we have looked at ways to cope with the new semester change and if this type of schedule is good or bad, we have to realize the new semester will inevitably come. So, we should keep an open mind about what this semester could bring, and take some time over the weekend to prepare for Monday and come in with confidence.

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