Cary’s Cupid: 2023

To CHS Students, by CHS Students

Check to see if someone special wrote you a love letter! We have listed messages out alphabetically by first name. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


❣Abiela Irizarry: Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, i’d still fall for you [laugh emoji] !!!! ermmm idk if this form will be public to everyone else or if u just see it so i’m not abt to say sum cringe yk… that’s like just for u to hear 💯.. ebi would u like to be the pee to my nut (u are the coolest and most prettiest person i’ve met whenever i look at ur smile i gen get dopamine or sum) (Love, Anonymous) 

❣Adda Fisher: You are really pretty. Got a lil crush on you😭 (Love, E)

❣All my friends: Hi friends!! I just wanted to say how much I love you all and how much you mean to me :)) I love you guys to the moon and back I mean it ❤ (Love, Natalie Ardnt) 

❣ Allyson Crater: 60 or 40 I still love you 💞🥰 (Love, OJ)

❣Avery Gorman: Avery Gorman is the best entrepreneur and funniest muppeteer I know and she is also someone I consider a best friend ❤ (Love, Carson Cusa)

❣Ben Rakusin: Keep your head up king!!! You are loved!!! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Ben Francis: You are my favorite jew (Love, Anonymous)

❣Bonnie Smith: Bonnie is one of those friends I’ve always wanted. She deals with my, sometimes, inappropriate jokes but is always there for me. I’ve never had a girlfriend that I was super close to, but I really value her friendship. (Love, Anonymous)

❣Brandon Barrios Perez: I think your cuteee<3 and I like you (Love, Anonymous)

❣Brooklyn Tumscitz: i love u i love u i love u (Love, Anonymous)

❣Carson Cusa: You’re the bees to my knees fr (Love, Anonymous)

❣Courtney Silvester: You are the best person at CHS hands down  (Love, Geri Coleman )

❣Daisy Hendrix:  hey bestie , i love you ! ty for everything . yk we forever & 2023 we going up ! im prada you pooh (Love, Anonymous)

❣Drishti Mittal: hey, you’re a good friend! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Elshaday Admasu: Fikriye (weye weye) yene alem (weye weye) ene betam ewedishalew enegenagnalen❤️ (Love, Bunny)

❣Emma Evenhouse: I could stare into your eyes forever. Lowkey sold but it’s fine, you still deserve the world! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Erica Rash: Woo! Love you! Don’t know what else to say but yeah you’re the best sis. (Love, Caroline Smith)

❣Erika Schulz / Allison Burke / Natalie Arndt / Laina Pollard: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BAE!!! LOVE YOU TONS!! 😙😙 (Love, Claire Hann)

❣Erykah Berry: You got this girlfriend (Love, Erykah Berry)

❣Gabriel Simons: I love you Gabe 😍😍 (Love, Ali Stewart)

❣Hanne Hanson: Can we kiss at Boba T+ (Love, Avery Phillips)

❣Helen Mina: I miss you my chocolatina ❤ (Love, Erwin Morales)

❣Helen Mina: you’ll always be my orange soda guapa <33 (Love, Erwin Morales)

❣Henry Mast: Just love the kid sooooooo much! You don’t know who I am but I really wanted to tell you that you rock! (Love, CG)

❣Henry Letourneau: Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart! I hope you have a great day and I can’t wait to spend time with you. I love you!❤️

❣Jack Petty: gulpers (Love, Anonymous)

❣Jackson Bell & Brook Lyn Tumscitz: Thanks for being the friends that I never deserved <33 (Love, Belen Valle)

❣Jacob Moses: Your eyes remind me of the ocean, calming and blue. (Love, Anonymous)

❣Jacob Saju: One day, I caught myself smiling without any reason, then I realized I was thinking of you. (Love, Anonymous)

❣Jaylee Honeycutt: love u so much mama 😇 u are so kind and perfect (Love, Nathan Gokounous)

❣Jaylee Honeycutt: Girl you a snack let me take you to dinner  (Love, Anonymous)

❣Jessica Paredes: Hey pookiiee, Happy v-day bestie boo love you my queen (Love, Saron Tilahun)

❣Jessica Paredes, Saron Tilahun, Elshaday Admasu: Thank you for being the best friends <33 I’ll miss you all next year!! (Love, Regan Sumy)

❣Joanna Reyna: hi bubba! i ❤ you!! you’re doing so great!! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Justin Koch: A baddie needs to scoop you bro. You made Spanish a blast big dawg. (Love, Jerry Atunku)   

❣Kai Pepin: Happy valentine’s day my love! It’s your favorite holiday and I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about how excited you are. (Love, ur secret admirer)

❣Karen: Smoochy-smooch, expect a singing gram 😉 (Love, Judge G)

❣Kassidy Collins: I love love you Kassidy!! Marry me! Dump your bf for me this Valentine!! 😍😍 (Love, Ali Stewart)


❣Katie Hill: I love you my little katie watie pooh! (Love, Jaylee Honeycutt)

❣Kimberly Fowler / Lily Kingman / Avery Phillips / Peyton Schmitt: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BAE!!! LOVE YOU TONS!! 😙😙 (Love, Claire Hann)

❣Laina Pollard & Allison Burke: Leor light it up! Huh, huh, hmm, hmm. (Love, Avery Phillips)

❣Lauren Sumy: You’re my favorite sister!! Have an amazing day! (Love, Regan Sumy)

❣Lia Alvarez: Thank you so much for being you. You’re my Partner in Crime. Wishing you a  beautiful day. (Love, RB)

❣Lia Rakusin: dear lia i love you so much you are my best friend ever and i’ve never cared for anyone as much as i do for you. Thank you for being the best person ever for the last decade of our friendship. I love you more than anyone and anything!!!!🤗 (Love, Anaïs Amocanu)

❣Maddie Goodman: Hanging out with you brings me so much joy and you’re always motivating others to achieve greater things. You make me smile even just thinking about you. Happy Valentine’s Day Maddie! (Love, Jacob Moses)

❣Maddie Goodman: Keep being a light to people’s day! I regret missing my chance with you by being stupid.  Stay pretty and cool. (Love, Anonymous)

❣Maddox Knapp: Happy Valentine’s Day!! I love you!! Cant wait to spend our third vday together <33 (Love, Bella Davis)

❣Mani P.: Big cutie, stay awesome (Love, Jerry Atunku)

❣Matthew Noonan: hey, i know we’ve only talked a few time but your generally a good person, i wanted you to know. I know you’re quiet and tend to keep to yourself, and I wanted you to know that I think you’re great! anyways, have a good rest of the school years, hope to talk again later. (Love, Anonymous)  

❣Me: Hey you, Great job. You did fantastic work.  Keep it up. Don’t let them keep you down. See ya.😁 (Love, Anonymous)

❣Micah Kennel: I LOVE MICAH KENNEL!! ❤ he is the coolest fella and the best ever forever ever and a best friend to me 🙂 (Love, Carson Cusa)

❣Micah Kennel: MICAH U R SO COOL AND MY BEST FRIEND!!!! SLAYYYY (Love, Anonymous)

❣Myimah Walton: HEY BABY! I love you a lot and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and valentine day! (Love, Shaniya Chance) 

❣Nathan Gokounous: Hey Nathan! Hopefully you have a nice valentines day teehee! (Love, Jaylee Honeycutt)

❣Regan Sumy, Elshaday Admasu, Saron Tilahun: thank you mijas for being my supporters hehe i love you guys 😝 (Love, Jessica Paredes)

❣Rehabot Beraki: Hello, lovely lady! You have been such an amazing friend to me, I really really appreciate you being the sweetest person. I really like your company. Hope this makes your day. (Love, Tanishka Sonawane)

❣Ruqayya Shaikh: True friends are like diamonds 💎,  bright, beautiful, and Valuable like you ♥️. (Love, RB)

❣Samuel Pulgar: Uruguay pa todo el mundo, Uruguay mejor que Argentina. Grande Samuel sos un gran amigo. (Love,  Anonymous)

❣Saron Tilahun: Please marry me my lover ❤ You are the most amazing person in the universe and anyone who dares to exist near you should praise you. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Simon Eyob (Number 15) on varsity🥰: Simon I’ve been waiting to tell you this I really thank you for being in my life You mean so much to me You are a huge reason I love going to CHS (Love, Claudia)

❣Tanishka Sonawane: For the first time in my life, I don’t have to make an effort to be happy. YOU OWN MY HEART. (Love, RB)

❣Tanya Hammash: happy valentines !! Mwahh (Love, Melanie Mendoza)

❣Teeba Reab Agga: happy valentines !!! mwahh (Love, Melanie Mendoza Guerrero)

❣Violet Copeland: Thank you for being the most amazing person ever (Love, Anonymous)

❣Wilder Prevatt: happy valentines bestie boo!! (Love, Anonymous)

❣Wilder Prevatt: please please please please please please please please please please please please please please be my valentine (Love, Ben Rakusin)

❣Will Garinger: will i love you so much !!! you are the best thing that has ever happened to me 😀 You are so generous and kind and you have such a good heart. not to mention the only reason i passed chemistry 💅💅 🫶🏻🫶🏻 (Love, Anonymous)

❣Yusuf Elridi: Happy Valentine’s Day ❤  Thank you for being my best friend and partner 🙂 Now to the actual purpose, have you ever had that life changing moment when a seal slaps you with an octopus? (Love, Alexis, Roberts)

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