Patrick Mahomes is Making a Name for Himself

By: Luca Muehlbauer

He received his second Super Bowl victory after defeating the Eagles in Super Bowl 57. 

Patrick Mahomes has become one of the legendary quarterbacks of the National Football League. He has led the Kansas City Chiefs to three Super Bowls and every year he has started, they have made it to the AFC championship game. He has won the Super Bowl MVP twice, creating a reality where he may become the next GOAT- greatest of all time. 

The conversation started after this amazing Super Bowl victory. The Chiefs took down the Eagles in a thrilling game that ended with a game-winning field goal with 12 seconds left. The game ended with a score of 38 to 35. Patrick Mahomes played with an injured ankle the whole game, and in the second quarter, he re-aggravated his ankle. You could see him wince in pain as he was taken off the field limping. Luckily, he was able to keep playing but with lots of painkillers and his ankle wrapped with tape. 

Patrick Mahomes had a stellar second half. The Chiefs were down 24-14 in the first half and the Eagles were looking like the clear favorites to win the game. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts had been dominating the whole game and it didn’t look like he was gonna stop. The worrisome part was that the Eagles’ defense still hadn’t been able to sack Patrick Mahomes, but the Eagles weren’t very worried about the time. 

The third quarter started and Patrick Mahomes had to get the Chiefs rolling. Even with an injured ankle, he was unstoppable. On second and third he made a heroic run from inside his 20-yard line and ran it all the way into the 5-yard line. Then, Isiah Pacheco scored the touchdown to finish the drive. The rest of the third quarter was slow and the Eagles were only able to get a field goal in the third quarter. The quarter ended with a square of 27- 21,  the Eagles were still in the lead. 

The 4th quarter started, and this was Patrick Mahomes’ time to shine. Patrick Mahomes, the king of the comeback, found Kadarius Toney for a touchdown to take the lead with 12 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs were now up 28-27. Kadarious Toney again made a highlight at the ten-minute mark as he returned the longest punt in Super Bowl history, he took his return to the Eagles’ five-yard line. The Chiefs then had a very short field and on third and goal the ball was tossed to receiver Skyy Moore who then trotted into the endzone for another touchdown, making the score 35-27. 

Jalen Hurts needed to catch fire again, and he did. He helped the Eagles go all the way to the red zone and then he plunged in with 5 minutes left for the touchdown. The Eagles were still down by 2, so they went for the two-point conversion. Jalen Hurts again decided to run and take it toward the left sideline and then pushed himself into the endzone to tie the game. Jalen Hurts had an amazing game, but sometimes offense isn’t everything. Patrick Mahomes took the field and you could see that he was on a mission. 

Patrick Mahomes drove the Chiefs into the red zone once again, and made an amazing run with a bad ankle, wobbling into the 20-yard line. He set them up for a perfect field goal position. Then, the biggest point of the game occurred, on third and eighth the Chiefs needed a first down to finish the game. JuJu Smith-Schuster ran a wheel route and as he cut up the field he got a little tug back, Patrick Mahomes got heavily pressured and had to throw a hopeful lob in his direction. The pass ended incomplete but that was not the end. The referees saw the tug and called pass interference which gave the Chiefs a first down and essentially, the win. All the Chiefs had to do from there was run the clock and hit the field goal, which they did perfectly. Butker, the kicker, lined up his kick perfectly and won the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Eagles put up a fight and Jalen Hurts had an amazing game. Hurts destroyed the Chiefs’ defense and looked like the best player. But teams don’t win only on offense and it showed in the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes came up big and was able to lead the Chiefs to a magnificent comeback to win his second Super Bowl. The Chiefs are now looking at Patrick Mahomes like the Patriots looked at Tom Brady.

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