A New Opportunity For Students During Lunch

By Luca Muehlbauer

Are you looking for tutoring at school? Is English your second language? If so, you may find this article beneficial. 

Ever since the first week of March, there has been a new tutoring program in Mr. Cope’s room that is designed for students who speak English as a second language and who are having trouble with homework or classwork. 

This program is held every Monday and Thursday during lunch in Mr. Cope’s room. Students from NHS serve as tutors that can help you with any subject or assignment from any of your classes. Many people have found it very helpful so far and have been able to complete the majority of their assignments with this extra guidance. 

The tutors are students from Cary High School, but Mr. Cope occasionally jumps in to help as well. If you need help on something the tutor doesn’t understand, you can always ask Mr. Cope for a second opinion. The tutors are also there for you to practice speaking English, especially if you are having trouble with a specific word or phrase, so feel free to come in during lunch and practice with them. They would be glad to help you! 

There haven’t been many students so far, but there have been a couple that have come in for help. The students that have come for help have been able to finish quite a bit of work. You can also come to try and finish work without help from the tutors, and if you run into a problem, you can just call one of the tutors or Mr. Cope to come and help you with your issue. 

So far this has been a successful program. It is fairly new so we will see how it goes in the future. But so far people have found it useful and productive. Hopefully, if you know someone who may be interested in this or could use this, you could pass it on to them. 

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