Women’s History Month

By: Mia Allen

Women’s History Month celebrates the contributions of women across the globe. March has been federally recognized as Women’s History Month since 1995. This month of recognition is newer than most; it’s only 45 years old. Women’s History Month started as a week-long celebration in Santa Rosa, California on March 8th, which is International Women’s Day. In the year 1980, the National Women’s History Project led a group of women in protest for this week to be extended to the entire month and it was changed that same year. Since it has been recognized as a month, the National Women’s History Alliance has come up with yearly themes such as Valiant Women Of The Vote: Refusing To Be Silenced, Visionary Women: Champions Of Peace & Nonviolence, and this year’s theme, Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope. 

We have come a long way to get where we are today, and one of the amazing women who helped contribute to the women’s rights movement was Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was a trailblazer in this movement. She met Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who later became her partner in crime that aided her for over 50 years. She traveled to give speeches on why women should be granted the right to vote. In 1869 they co-created the National Woman’s Suffrage Association and “The Revolution,” which was a weekly article promoting women’s rights. Anthony was so passionate about gaining the right to vote that in 1872 she voted illegally in the presidential election and went to jail. She fought relentlessly until she passed, but unfortunately, the 19th amendment was not passed until 1920 which was 14 years after she passed away.

We must continue to take part in Women’s History Month and honor all the contributions women have made to this day. You can start by researching different influential women from history and learning about their contributions to us as a country and the world. Posting something on Instagram is also a great way to spread the word about women’s history. Even small things like telling the women you look up to that they mean a lot to you is a way to honor women. Women’s History Month has evolved and changed and will continue to do so for the better.




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