The Battle for the Title

By: Luca Muehlbauer

The battle for the title can’t be tighter as we are heading to the final eight games. Manchester City and Arsenal are coming in hot and they are the favorites to win this year’s Premier League Title. While the race for the Top Four – whoever ends in the top four gets champions league football next year- is as frantic as ever. This season has been a mess, and it isn’t even finished. 

Arsenal as of now is in first place by six points, they were up by eight points just last week, but a bad slip-up against Liverpool cost them two points. Manchester City on the other hand is on a roll. They are making up points ground fast and are waiting to play Arsenal later this month. These two teams are coming in toward home plate and they need to play their best football. 

Now the Top Four race is all over the place. You have a competitive race for third place with Manchester United and Newcastle United, who are currently tied. But there are also some teams creeping up on them, including Tottenham, Aston Villa, Brighton, and Liverpool. These six teams are really the only teams that can compete for European qualification because there is also 5th, 6th, and 7th place that get into a European league, including Europa League or Europa Conference league.

On April 26th, the biggest game of the year will be played. The most important game will be played at the Etihad Stadium where Manchester City will take on Arsenal. Whoever wins this game could become the Premier League champions, a win for City means they go to the top of the league by goal differential, and if Arsenal wins they go up by nine points. In conclusion, the season all comes down to this game. But both teams must keep winning, if any of them lose before or after that game, it means the race is still on for the title. 

While for the Top Four, the rest of the games for every team is going to prove beneficial when the season ends. Each team has to basically win out for them to possibly get into the top four, but that is most likely not going to happen. There will be a slip-up by someone, but we have to wait and see who will lose their position first.

The race for the title and top four couldn’t be tighter, and it truly couldn’t be a better finale for the season. This season is coming down to an all or nothing situation. If you want it, you have to go all out to get it.

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