Live Updates on The UNC Charlotte Shooting

By The Page Editing Staff


BREAKING: CHARLOTTE, NC– Two students are reported dead and four injured in a shooting on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The campus remains on lockdown while police clear every building, a process expectedo take several more hours. University officials believe that there is no ongoing threat at this time but are taking every possible precaution. Exams at the school have been cancelled through Sunday and students not in a building are encouraged to leave campus if possible. This is a developing story and will be updated.

UPDATE: 10:23 PM: The UNCC chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega | Lambda Delta fraternity released a statement stating that Drew Pescaro, a member of that fraternity was injured in the shooting and is currently being treated at Carolinas Medical Center. Pescaro is a sophomore communications native at UNCC and a Massachusetts native who graduated in 2017 from Middle Creek High School in Cary.

UPDATE: 10:38 PM: The suspected gunman is 22-year-old Trystan Terrell, a History major who dropped out this semester. Police say they have no reason to believe anybody else is involved. 

UPDATE: 10:44 PM: NC Governor Roy Cooper held a joint press conference with the Chancellor of UNCC and the UNCC Police Chief. He commended the first responders on the scene. Among his remarks were: “I want this university and city to know that this state will be there for them… for many people here, this will be the worst day of their lives,” and “this is a tough day, but the university will get through it… students should not have to fear for their lives on campuses.

UPDATE: 10:53 PM: UNC Charlotte’s Office of Emergency Management tweeted that the lockdown had been lifted. Students may go to the student union, residence halls, or depart campus.The school’s chancellor has put out a statement outlining the university’s response and offering more details on the shooting. Read the full statement here.

UPDATE 12:00 AM WEDNESDAY: The UNC Charlotte Emergency Management Office announced that the university is operating at a Condition 2 suspended state of operation as of midnight May 1st. More information can be found here.

UPDATE: 2:20 AM: The official Twitter account of the UNC Charlotte Emergency Management Office tweeted the following this morning at 2:20 AM: “NinerAlert: ALL CLEAR. Campus lockdown has been lifted. Kennedy building remains closed due to active crime scene. Continue to check campus email and emergency.” The university is still cancelling exams through Sunday and remains in a C2 suspended operations status as of 8:53 AM. Find more tweets, including updates on dining services, emotional support and other continued updates here.

UPDATE: 3:57 AM: The official Twitter account of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department has released a statement confirming that suspected killer Trystan Andrew Terrell, a 22 year old former student of UNC Charlotte, has been formally charged by detectives.  The charges levied against him include two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill, possession of a firearm on educational property and discharge of a firearm on educational property.

UPDATE 9:05 AM: Drew Pescaro, a Middle Creek High School graduate and current Middle Creek High School student and sports writer for the UNCC Niner Times who is the only publicly identified victim of Tuesday evening’s shooting, is in stable condition after undergoing surgery. His brother Ross Pescaro, who declined to issue an official statement in an overnight interview with local news station WBTV, has confirmed that Drew is in stable condition and his family is on their way to be with him in the hospital in Charlotte. The victim’s brother asked for people to keep Drew in their prayers and to use the hashtag #DrewStrong when posting about him on social media. The Niner Times released a statement of support for Pescaro overnight confirming that he is stable and that “the full support of the Niner Times staff is behind him” as he continues to recover.

UPDATE 10:17AM: Phillip Dubois, the chancellor of UNC Charlotte, has identified the six victims of Tuesdays shooting to local radio station WBT. The four injured, one of whom has been released from the hospital, include 19-year-old Drew Pescaro and 20-year-old Sean DeHart of Apex, 20-year-old Ramy Alramadhan of Saudi Arabia and 23-year-old Emily Haupt of Charlotte. Dubois identified 19-year-old Ellis Parlier of Midland and 21-year-old Riley Howell as the two who were killed, both pronounced dead at the scene of the attack. In light of this tragedy and in respect of its victims, NC Governor Roy Cooper has ordered that all flags are to fly at half-mast for the time being.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the UNC Charlotte community. We know this is an incredibly difficult time of unimaginable loss, and will continue to post updates as more details are released. Please keep communicating with those you know on campus, stay informed and most importantly, stay safe.


The Page Staff Shares Family Holiday Traditions

Jake Bryant (arts editor): Every year, a few days before Christmas, my family and I always go on a “sightseeing” tour of Raleigh. We visit the “Living Nativity” at Hayes-Barton Baptist Church (something my mom has done for 40+ years), stop by Krispy Kreme and order some fresh donuts, and end the night by driving through Historic Oakwood and looking at all of the houses that have swaths of Christmas decorations and lights. Although it’s not an incredibly exciting tradition, it’s a nice chance for my family to spend time together and to appreciate the simple joys of the holiday season.

Dominic Coletti (opinion editor): On Christmas Eve, right before my family goes to a candlelight service, we all make bags of “reindeer food” (oats and glitter) and sprinkle it all over the yard around my grandparents’ house. Even now that I realize reindeer don’t eat glitter, it remains one of my favorite holiday traditions. I always remember with a smile the joy of dumping the bags out on the snow, convinced that the next morning it would all be gone. Interestingly enough, every year, I would check for remnants of that reindeer food, and I have yet to find a trace…

Eliza Jackson-Wald (news editor): Instead of opening presents on Christmas morning, my family opens our presents on Christmas Eve night. Thinking about this tradition I realized I never actually knew why we did it so I asked my dad. He did this growing up as well and I know it’s an older tradition that’s been passed down but, the most information I could get out of him was “it’s a German thing” and “Grandpa Wald always said, ‘since Germany’s closer to the North Pole, Santa gets there faster than everyone else.’”

Stephen Atkinson (chief editor): For better or worse, all my family traditions seem to revolve around food. Every Christmas morning, we exchange presents and the “kids” (who are in fact legal adults–except me) lounge about in the living room as we await the best gift of the day: monkey bread. Made from Pillsbury biscuit dough, these chunks of this bread coated in syrup and brown sugar are nowhere to be seen by the end of the day.

Claire Perry (managing editor): For as long as I can remember, I have gotten a stocking from my grandparents on Christmas Eve, stuffed to the brim with clementines and a chocolate orange and cutesy Christmas trinkets that I may or may not lose. Although as an adamant Santa-believing youngster having a stocking on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was a bit confusing (to say the least), the individualized care that my grandma puts into making a stocking for every single member of our family, young and old, embodies a generous love that can come from nothing but the spirit of Christmas. I am so thankful that I get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the people that I love.