Cary Student Bucket List

By: CHS The Page Writing Staff

At Cary High School, we have so many traditions and inside jokes that contribute to our school culture! At our club meeting on October 26, our members brainstormed a Cary Student Bucket List to get the full student experience!

  • Attend a PTA evening event 
  • Attend a performing arts concert (Musical, Improve, Green Tie Gala)
  • Get posted on the Cary High Instagram page
  • Get involved in spirit parade
  • Start a new club
  • Get Free cafeteria pizza
  • Step in Goose poop
  • Paint the bus
  • Participate in a pep rally
  • Donate to a fundraising drive
  • Finish Drivers Ed!
  • Get a free item from the Church
  • Buying their class t-shirt
  • Engage in the student section!
  • Receive a Singing Valentine or Santagram
  • Volunteer in a community service project
  • Participate in spirit days

And of course, most importantly,

  • Take a swim in the pool on top of the 2000 building

How many have you done?

Pakistan Ravaged by Floods

By: Marwan Arafa 

Never before seen floods have affected the south Asian nation of Pakistan, which is hit, along with many other Asian nations, with annual monsoons that bring in seasonal rain and flooding. However, this year, with effects brought on by Climate Change, Pakistan is suffering from an amount of floods that have never been recorded in history which has nearly a third of the country underwater. With 33 million people affected in the country of 220 million and nearly 7.9 million displaced according to Reuters. These events will not only cause short term, but also long term effects on the nation. It is predicted by that Pakistan will suffer an economic loss of $12.5 billion as a direct result of the destruction caused by the flooding. 

Furthermore, western media does not cover the Pakistani deluge as well as it covers topics such as the Russia-Ukraine war. The connections between the massive floods and global warming has been rarely reported on and the amount of limited coverage only brings up the thought of there being an agenda of the media, to cover a topic such as the war raging in Eastern Russia every day, consistently and without stop, and not cover properly massive flooding that has impacted more than 30 million citizens, displaced millions, killed thousands, and submerged a third of the nation underwater. 

While the suffering of the Ukrainian people in the continuing war is no less important, the dichotomy of the reporting of the flooding in Pakistan and the war in Ukraine is hard to doubt and adds to the case of the Ukrainian war overshadowing a major event such as that in Pakistan.

The Ups and Downs of International Soccer

By: Luca Muehlbauer

[Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera]

The World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, is coming up. The tournament is set to start on the 20th of November, and just the past week we had the last international break- when club teams take an extended break for national teams to play matches, usually friendlies- before the World Cup. There have been many injuries, losses and wins during this two week span. Some things have been surprising while others have been more or less normal. In this article the biggest surprises of this past international break and which teams are looking the strongest coming into the World Cup will be reported on.

The Strong Teams:

Belgium: They have been in the top 10 for the past 4-6 years. They have some of the best players on their squad and this world cup will most likely be that last for many of them. Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, and Thibaut Courtois are the stars of the team. They will be the leaders for this wonderful team. However this past international break has not been so great. Lukaku has been out with an injury so he did not play and they only won one out of the two games. They lost to the Netherlands in their final game of the break. They are still a strong team and if they can get Lukaku back, they will probably still be a favorite to win. Many players will be putting everything they got in this world cup because it will most likely be their last. 

Brazil: Many say this could be their sixth world cup win. With the team they have this year, I don’t doubt it. They have an amazing attack starting with Neymar and Vinicius and Richarlison. But that isn’t all, they have plenty others who can do damage to the opposing team. Their defense is led by Thiago Silva and Marquinhos who are both very strong defenders and their midfield is led by Casemiro. Those are just the headline players but the whole starting eleven is scary to look at, they have a very strong team that could easily go all the way. This past international break has really shown that they are a favorite, with their last friendly being a 5-1 win vs Tunisia, it is hard not to choose them to win the world cup. 

Argentina: They are always a favorite and especially this year. This coming World Cup will most likely be Lionel Messi’s last world cup. He will be giving it his all to win it for his country, but that isn’t the only thing Argentina has. They have many other stars including Lautaro Martinez, Rodrigo De Paul, Paulo Dybala, and Lisandro Martinez. This past international break really showed it too, their record keeps on going as they have a 35 game unbeaten streak going into the world cup and they took two wins in the friendlies. They beat Jamaica and Honduras. Both games they won 3-0. They may have been simple games but  they did look really good and ready for this coming World Cup. 

Germany: Germany is always a frightful team to come against in any game. They always have great players and a great team. They just came off a decent international break with a tie and a loss. They weren’t the best results but they did show against England that they can be a great team. This coming World Cup will be tough for them with a young squad, but hopefully their veterans can help them get to where they want to be. Their last world cup did not go as planned but they want to avenge their performance in this coming World Cup, so they will be hoping to get to the knockout stage at least. 

The Interesting Teams:

Uruguay: Uruguay are not a favorite to win the world cup but they will definitely put on a fight for whoever comes across them. They do have a strong team but it won’t be enough. They have a very strong attack with Luis Suarez and Darwin Núñez, their midfield is a little weak but aggressive which helps them quite a bit. But they do lose possession quite a bit, their star is Valverde in the midfield but he plays more wide so in the middle they have trouble. Defensively, they are pretty strong in the central possession but now with an injury to Ronald Araujo everything can change and the backs are good but not great, they lack confidence and don’t have much experience. They are coming off a big win against Canada but they also lost to Iran, which was not very good. They will be in a tough group so they will have to give it their all to make it to the knockout stage this coming World Cup. 

Denmark: Denmark is a tough team, they have a great spirit when they play and they are known for some heroic runs in tournaments. Now, with Christian Eriksen back they could be making another huge run in this world cup. They are not a favorite to win it but they can win some big games and make it far into the knockout stage. They don’t have the best squad in the world but they have good leadership and they will do anything to win. They put it all on the field. This past international break they looked very good. They won a huge game against France, but then they lost to Croatia as well. So they could potentially make a big run in this coming World Cup. 

Netherlands: Netherlands are known for being a great team and almost winning it all . The Netherlands have the most final appearances (3) without winning a world cup. This world cup will not be different. They have a strong team especially on defense with Van Dijk and De Ligt in the center. Then they have Memphis Depay in the attack and if Frenkie De Jong comes back from injury they will have him in the midfield. Sadly Georginio Wijnaldum will not be able to participate in this coming world cup due to injury so they will have to rely on De Jong. They are coming off a very good International break. They beat Belgium and Poland. They are looking like a strong team but it is known that they have trouble winning the big tournaments so this coming World Cup they will try and bring the glory home and prove the doubters wrong. 

Spain: Spain is a favorite to win the world cup but many people have their doubts about them. They had a sketchy few games this past break with a loss to Switzerland  (but they did beat Portugal). They do look like a strong team with Alvora Morata and Ferran Torres in the attack. The midfield is really their strength where they have Pedri, Rodri and Sergio Busquets. On the defense they are quite weak. They are missing many of their stars including Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique from the last world cup. Both of them are older and most likely wouldn’t be able to lead them. They are missing players, they don’t have much depth on defense or attack. They must control the midfield if they want to win this World Cup. 

The Problematic Teams: 

United States: They are not looking good. They have come off a terrible display against Japan and Saudi Arabia where overall they only had 2 shots on target and both of those shots came against Saudi Arabia. They lost to Japan 2-0 and tied to Saudi Arabia 0-0. They lack depth in their squad. They will not go very far in the World Cup. They will most likely make it to the knockout stage but they will probably be out quickly. Giovanni Reyna is injury prone, he is always injured and doesn’t stay healthy. They have Christian Pulisic but he is very inconsistent and Weston Mckinnie and Ricardo Pepi just are on and off as well. They have plenty of other youngsters like Brenden Aaronson that have no experience so you can’t really trust them. It’s a very young team that won’t live up to the hope. They will be out early and they will have to hope for the next one in 2026.  

England: They are supposed to be one of the favorites but this past international break they did so poorly that they were dropped to Nations league B. They have not been playing well and the thing that is killing them is the lineup Gareth Southgate ( He is the manager for the England national team)  is choosing. He is starting players by pretty much his relationship with them. He has chosen Kieran Trippier over Trent Alexander-Arnold and he keeps starting Harry Maguire which hasn’t been working either. England has many problems and their main problem is that they are not choosing the right lineup. They have to make a lot of changes and doing it in the world cup is not smart. But when they are in a situation like this, they may have to. 

Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the answer anymore. They need to find someone they can rely on day in and day out. Portugal is having trouble on the attacking end because they rely on Ronaldo too much. He isn’t the player he used to be. He is still a great player but they need someone else. They may sometimes get a good game from Joao Felix or Bruno Fernandes but they are inconsistent. They have a strong midfield and defense that can hold them to a certain point but then they need options up top, which at the moment they don’t have. They need someone fast. This World Cup will be a tough one for them. 

Mexico: Mexico is a very young team, they are sort of like the United States but a little better. They overall want it more and they may be able to make it to the knockout stage and get an upset. But, overall they don’t have much on their team. They don’t have much talent in their attack, and their defense and midfield isn’t what it used to be. Diego Lainez and Raul Jimenez are their star players, they have to really step it up if they want to win a couple of games. They will be very nervous coming into the world cup and it will be tough for them to adjust. They will have to play big teams as well which may give them quite a bit of trouble in the World Cup.  

Other Teams:

Senegal: They have a strong team and are coming off a big tournament win in the African cup of Nations. They are considered the best African team at the moment. They also have many top players. For example, Sadio Mane, Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy. All these players are currently playing in Europe. Mendy and Koulibaly are on the same team in Chelsea, while Sadio Mane is in Germany with Bayern. This is a very strong team that is very courageous. They have a great bond with each other. They are always happy as well and if they stay together and work hard it is possible that they can make it to the knockout stage. 

South Korea: South Korea is a strong team but they have a very tough group. They have their star player in Son Heung-Min, who is a very good player and is always in top form. The team is very cheerful and they did have a huge upset against Germany in the last world cup to knock them out. This year they will be hoping to make it farther than the knockout stage. This team is now more experienced and they will be hoping to make a better run. 

This World Cup will bring out a lot of glory and pain. Many teams will succeed and many teams will not. This World Cup will not be the same as usual, but it will still have the competitive spirit from the teams and there will still be blood, sweat and tears every game. Each team will give it their all, making this World Cup one to remember.

The Russian Draft

By: Mia Allen

Alexey Malgavko/Reuters

The highly publicized war between Ukraine and Russia, which began on February 24 of this year, has been raging for about seven months now. Vladimir Putin has recently sent out a draft that will add 300,000 people to the Russian army. Firstly, what is a draft? states that a draft is “The mandatory enrollment of individuals into the armed forces.” This draft came as a surprise, causing many Russians to resist their government. The draft was originally put off because of potential backlash, but Putin was pressured by pro-war supporters. The pro-war Russians are not pleased with the way that Putin is implementing the draft because they feel that the draftees lack proper military training.  

The draft is affecting more indigenous Russian groups like the Yukaghirs and the Sakha’s.  The main problem in these areas is the numbers of which these men are being drafted. The New York Times stated, “And even a member of the Russian parliament who represents the region, Sardana V. Avksentiev wrote on social media on Thursday that she had heard of a 300 person village in which 47 men were called up.” (Troianovski,10)  This is leading to a sense of panic for the smaller communities. In another statement made by the New York Times, “Kirill Shamiev, who studies Russian civil-military relations at the Central European University in Vienna, said that it was because remote areas and marginalized groups were seen as less likely to protest.” (Trioanovski,15)  

    The draft has also caused a state of fear among the Russian people.  Massive amounts of people are leaving Russia. New York Times wrote, “Protests have erupted in far- flung cities, recruitment centers have been the target of arson, and thousand of military-age men have packed planes and vehicles to flee across Russia’s borders.”(Hopkins, Bengali, Yuhas, 3)  It is now estimated that over 260,000 men have left Russia because of the draft. Russian men are crossing the border into Mongolia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Finland. Now the amount of Russians entering Georgia has doubled since the implementation of this draft. The president of Kazakhstan, Kassym Jomart Tokayev said, “ In recent days, many people from Russia have been coming to us. Most forced to leave the country because of the current hopeless situation. We must take care of them and ensure their safety. This is a political and humanitarian issue.” Kazakhstan also is not sending any refugees back that are coming from Russia.  There are also rumors that Russia will close their borders to Military aged men. In a region called North Ossetia they are setting up draft offices at the border so they can hand people draft papers forcing them to stay in the country. 

    The Kremlin is taking into account that there are problems with the draft, but they are placing blame on local officials for trying to mobilize resistant citizens. Some other regions are taking matters into their own hands and are trying to fix the problems.  Citizens of Russia are retaliating because of the draft order. In Irkutsk there was a shooting at a draft office and 18 arson attempts at draft offices and government buildings across the country. As we watch from the other side of the war, we shall witness if this draft is successful or if Putin’s military plans will be impacted by a lack of new personnel. 


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Don’t Worry Darling Review

By Colleen Bailey

Don't Worry Darling is a finely manicured, unsettling movie - Finally,  Harry Styles' movie lead debut has arrived. Here's our review.

Don’t Worry Darling was once the most anticipated movie of the year but has recently become the topic of cheap gossip columns. From a director-actor affair to the casting of an alleged abuser to a spitting incident, the heated drama overshadows the film itself. But what of the movie, lost amidst rumors and Hollywood speculation?

Don’t Worry Darling aimed to be a profound social commentary on patriarchal society but lands closer to an entertaining yet inconsequential psychological thriller. The film is set in a utopian 1950’s community located in sunny California. Every day, men drive to work in their shiny Chevy convertibles leaving the women to cook, clean, and drink at home. Every house is nearly identical with a painted white façade, a perfectly trimmed yard, and pastel mid-century modern furniture within. Every evening, dinner parties are hosted, and exorbitant amounts of alcohol are consumed. And every day the cycle repeats. 

The downfall of this film can be attributed to the screenplay and Harry Styles’ performance. The overarching concept of the film is intriguing, even thought-provoking, but the screenplay fails to deliver. For a thriller banking on build-up and surprise, the film is incredibly repetitive especially in the middle third. Some would argue “that’s the whole point” —to highlight the perfect, routine life everyone leads. But eventually, the time comes to let the action rise but instead the plot waits undeveloped for another 20 minutes. Yet worse than awkward pacing is overwriting. The script’s lack of nuance cannot be overstated. Nothing is left to interpretation or assumption (To those who have seen Don’t Worry Darling, please ask yourself: how does the airplane tie into the plot? My case and point). 

. Too much is said and too little is meant. In the endless potential of Don’t Worry Darling, not one original revelation or theme is presented. 

Now, to the unavoidable, terrible truth—Harry Styles can’t act. He can sing, he can dance, but he cannot act. Styles’ presence on screen was strangely flat despite being a flamboyant global superstar. His line delivery was bland, and he often exited scenes unnoticed. But nothing was worse than his attempts at intense emotion. At the climax of the film, Styles grabs the steering wheel of his vintage convertible, jerks his body violently, then screams at the top of his lungs—could anything be more cliché? We love you Harry—just not as an actor.  

But this is not to discredit the movie as a whole. For one, Florence Pugh gave yet another incredible performance, as did Chris Pine. And second, the visual appearance of the film is truly breathtaking. Pugh and Pine acted circles around Styles and the rest of the ensemble. Pugh was mesmerizing and emotionally persuasive, while Pine was creepy yet charismatic. Frankly, they prevented this movie from entering into corny, meaningless dystopia. But more astonishing than Pugh and Pine are the cinematography and production design departments. The cinematography by Matthew Libatique is gorgeous and engulfing; movie-goers can feel the warm, hazy California sun seep through the screen into their chilly, dark theater. And still the set and costume design are equally magnificent, from the Kauffman-inspired architecture of each house to the dangling, gaudy earrings on every wife. The outfits, backdrops, and props in each and every scene coordinate flawlessly and elevate the movie from mediocre to decent. 

With all things considered, Don’t Worry Darling deserves 3 out of 5 stars. Was the film enjoyable? Yes. But does the film truly say anything that hasn’t been said before? No, not really. And does Harry Styles need to leave Hollywood? Absolutely.

Prince Charles Under Investigation in Cash-For-Honors Affair

By Marwan Arafa

On February 16th, Scotland Yard launched an investigation into Prince Charles’ charity regarding alleged offers of royal honors and British citizenship to a Saudi businessman who donated to the Prince’s charity. This comes a day after Prince Andrew reached a settlement with Virginia Guffrey concering allegations of sexual abuse.

 Clarence House, president of Prince Charles’ foundation stated that the Prince had “no knowledge of the alleged offer of honors or British citizenship on the basis of donation to his charities.” After London police received a letter last September regarding reports that an employee of Prince Charles’ offered to aid in securing honors and citizenship for a Saudi citizen. These allegations would be classified as offenses under the Prevention of Abuses Act of 1925.  Police say at this time, no arrests have been made. 

However, the charity also announced that it will be conducting an investigation into these claims. These allegations came in the same year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee- a year of celebration of the Queen’s 70 year reign. While Prince Charles is the president of the charity foundation, it is said that he is not involved in its normal everyday activities. The prince’s office stated that “The Prince of Wales had no knowledge of the alleged offer of honors or British citizenship on the basis of donation to his charities.”

Cary’s Cupid: 2022

Note: Messages are alphabetically sorted by first name!


♡Abigail Clark: HEY ABIGAIL CLARK i luv you bae (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Alexis Cope: Thank you for being the best mentor editor ever!! you’re da bomb!! (Love, Regan Sumy)

♡Ali Osman: You don’t really know me but you cute:) lol I think you can guess who Iam. HAPPY VALENTINES (Love, Anonymous)

♡Ava Wertz: ava u pretty asl i be seeing u in the hallways and stuff , i think u are vry vry attractive 🤗 (Love, Anonymous)

♡Becca Neill: i think you’re so cool i may start throwing tennis balls at your car😇 (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Benjamin Eisheid: you suck (Love, Anonymous)

♡Bennett Perry: happy valentine’s day my love, thank you for 2 wonderful years (Love, Gabby LeBron)

♡Brian Velez: Boy I love you, you my main mane. On God , you always keeping it fr mane. We out here every day doing the same thang. (Love, Gabriel San Luis)

♡Concert Chorus Sopranos: You guys are the best section ever and you bring me so much joy! Love you all ❤ Go soaps!! (Love, Gabby LeBron)

♡Corey Pettiford: corey u cute gimme a kiss (Love, Anonymous)

♡Doan Flores Sanchez: Doan, I feel like it was love at first sight with you. I’ve never built up the courage to tell you that I liked you though because I feel like I’m too ugly for you. (Love, Anonymous)

♡Eleanor Bell: Girlllll!!! Happy v-day to my wonderful best friend so grateful to know you ❤ love you miss ellie!!!!! (Love, Lindsay Lynch)

♡Ella Cope: Thanks for being the best sister!! Glad I got to have a year of school with you :))) luv ya (Love, Alexis Cope)

♡Emanuel Martinez: Thanks for always being there for me, and for the memories we have shared over the years – from your favorite person 🙂 (Love, Anonymous)

♡Emerson Phillips: hi shawty you’re the coolest (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Ethan Kohn: happy v day to my partner and my best friend 🙂 so lucky to’ve met you this school year <3<3<3 (Love, Alyssa Robertson)

♡Hanne Hanson, Jerry Atunku, Mani Pourfazli, Taylor Pipkin, Rachel Moser, Ava Peters: Sophia got a special poem because I didn’t realize there was a two time submission limit. You guys are all cool though innit. You are like the trees but moonlit and are worth more than an oven mitt. (Love, Avery Phillips)

♡Indigo Opharow: I really like you, I’ve had a crush on you for some time now (Love, Anonymous)

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♡Jocelyn Moregenstein: you’re my forever favorite and i will always love u thank you for being my best friend (Love, Nathaniel Gokonous)

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♡Skye Harris: We have only known each other for a couple months but can we go out? (Love, Anonymous)

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♡Theodore Lewis: “To him, I’m just another girl. Sitting in class with my head on my desk. To me, he’s that guy. With that smile, those eyes, that laugh, and the boy I can never have.” -V. (Love, Anonymous)

♡Ty Pinder: i love you ty never forget how much you mean to me (Love, Michael Consolatti)

IDEA Club’s Feminine Hygiene Project

By: Avery Phillips

As of December 1st 2021, Cary High students have access to free femine hygiene products provided at school—all thanks to the IDEA club. 

Through their feminine hygiene project, IDEA club set up boxes of period products throughout bathrooms in the 2000 and 3000 buildings on Cary High’s campus. Any student in need can now access free feminine hygiene products without having to ask a friend, teacher, or the front office. Furthermore, the availability of feminine hygiene products around campus grants students access to pads and tampons without the burden of a high price. In North Carolina, tampons, pads, and menstrual cups are classified as “non-essential” and “luxury” items, taxing them at 4.75%. Individual cities have the power to raise this tax up to 7.75%. “We took the project on because we wanted to help students feel more comfortable at school,” Anna Routh, an IDEA club officer, stated. She continues by communicating that, “Whether someone forgot to bring products, or if buying products is a financial burden, the bins serve to do what schools should already be doing: provide pads and tampons as they do with other essentials such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.” 

To bring their project to life, the IDEA club reached out to Mandy Roylance, Cary High’s treasurer of the PTSA, who was supportive of their idea and donated bins for the club to use. IDEA club officer Emerson Phillips comments that “Mrs. Roylance and Mrs. Stevens, our club advisor, have been so helpful throughout this whole process. From helping us find the best materials for the bins to spreading the word throughout school, we couldn’t have done it without them.” The IDEA club asked for donations through the morning announcements and Cary High students assisted in providing pads and tampons to help the project transpire. The club also shared their mission with various feminine hygiene organizations, and Playtex Sport generously donated 368 pads and tampons to be made available to students.

Aside from providing period products, IDEA club aims to bring forth a meaningful change through this project. “Beyond having pads and tampons available in bathrooms, our goal is to normalize periods and break the detrimental stigma that periods are something to be ashamed of,” states IDEA club officer Hailey Baldwin. The club also wants to raise awareness on the high tax placed upon period products. According to Linda Carroll at Reuters, “A survey of low-income women in a large U.S. city finds that nearly two-thirds couldn’t afford menstrual hygiene products.” With greater awareness brings a greater demand for change, and the IDEA club works to inform students of the struggles that many low-income women have to encounter when faced with the high tax placed on period products. 

Before the end of the first semester, the IDEA club will have feminine hygiene products available in every bathroom at Cary High School. The club hopes to sustain the project so that all students can have easy access to feminine hygiene products for years to come. If you want to donate to help keep the initiative going, you can do so by bringing pads or tampons to room 2328 or the donation box outside of the front office. To learn more about the club and their goals, visit IDEA club’s website at and follow their Instagram, @ideaclubchs.