From Cary High… to the United Nations?

By: Jack Morgenstein

In a lot of ways, high school defines the trajectory most people find themselves on for the remainder of their lives. The people you meet, classes you take, and extracurriculars you participate in often shape who you are. From telling freshmen about the pool on the 2000 roof to hoping our football team wins a single game during the season, Cary High alumni share certain collective experiences from our time here. As I finish my fourth year with you all and start looking towards college next fall, I realize now more than ever how important it is to seek guidance from those that come before you. Through the process of applying to and deciding on a college, I ended up speaking to Cary High alumni from the past 10+ years spanning all phases of their lives. It was inspiring to look at where alumni are now and hear how they worked to get there from standing in my position today. And thus, I decided to start what I hope will be an ongoing series of alumni showcases. The goal of these is to help give current Cary High students a picture of what life and hard work look like after graduating. The subject of this inaugural composition (who also happens to be my older brother) is Kyle Morgenstein.

Kyle graduated from Cary High School in 2016. While here, he led the Cary High Lincoln-Douglas team all the way to nationals as well as played on the varsity tennis team. He also was an active member in his local and national youth group for all four years. After graduating, he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology for four years for his undergraduate education. While there, he studied engineering with a focus on aerospace, as well as planetary science. At MIT, he participated in a number of activities ranging from MIT’s D1 rowing team to hackathons to becoming president of MIT’s AE𝚷 chapter. He also participated in research resulting in two theses: one into telescopic interferometry and the other into Earth’s early atmospheric composition. He now is attending graduate school at UT Austin in robotics and currently has a job working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He participates in a lot of outreach, including the speech alluded to in the title of this piece: speaking for the United Nations. More specifically, on April 29th, 2021, Kyle gave a speech for the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs into his work in using biosignatures to identify certain astrologic and biologic conditions which millions and billions of years ago have led to the Earth we now live on. If you’d like to see this speech, it can be found on the following link at the 2:14:15 mark: Speech.

Even if you have no interest in any of the work Kyle is doing, throughout Cary High’s history, alumni success has been a constant in nearly every field. In speaking to Kyle, he revealed to me that hard work and ambition are the best methods to achieving any goal, whether it be passing a class or searching for life on other planets. High school is a time to experience life, but it also is a time to prepare for the future. Reaching out to those that came before me has been an invaluable experience that has shaped who I am. Whether it be reaching out to a teacher, guidance counselor, or alumni, I urge each of you to take advantage of every opportunity to speak with those who have stood in your shoes. As I look towards my own future, I wish you all the best of luck; I know each of you can succeed!

Instagram’s New Update: A Pronouns Setting

By: Regan Sumy

Instagram recently made the exciting and necessary decision to create an option to display your pronouns on your Instagram profile. While some see pronouns as unimportant or unnecessary, that simply isn’t the case. 

Pronouns are used to refer to an individual in conversation or in writing. The most common pronouns are he/him, she/her, and they/them. If you are unsure of someone’s pronouns, ask that person if they feel comfortable sharing their pronouns. You could also use gender-neutral pronouns. 

If you are cisgender, meaning you identify with the sex you were born with, you may ask, “Why would I need to display my pronouns?” Simple answer — to declare your alliance and support of people who are LGBTQ+. This doesn’t mean that everyone who does not include pronouns in their bio is anti-LGBTQ+, but having your pronouns can make someone feel accepted, so if you are comfortable doing so, share them!

If you are not cisgender, you can choose to put your pronouns in your bio whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so. Some people are not yet ready to come out, especially on big social media platforms, which is completely valid. 

Another positive factor of adding your pronouns to your bio is to help stop gender assumptions. So many people are called by the wrong pronouns, so normalizing and educating pronoun usage can lead to a future more accepting of members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Everyone — if you are still figuring out your identity or are simply not yet comfortable with sharing your pronouns on social media, don’t feel pressured by anyone to share. If you do feel comfortable sharing your pronouns, see the steps below for how to add this information to your profile.

How-To Steps:

  1. Log into Instagram. 
  2. Go to your profile page. 
  3. Click the “Edit Profile” button. 
  4. Find the box labeled “Pronouns.” 
  5. Select your preferred pronouns (up to 4). 
  6. Choose if you want your pronouns to be public or private. 

Ryan Rodgers Takes Over as Cary High’s Athletic Director

By: Lindsay Gorman

Coach Dunphy, Cary High’s women’s and men’s soccer coach, will be leaving this year to become the first athletic director at the new Willow Springs High School. 

 Ryan Rodgers, a Cary High alum, will take his place as the new Athletic Director in the fall. Coach Rodgers is no stranger to Cary athletics; he previously served as the JV men’s coach from 2002-2003 and assistant varsity men’s basketball coach from 2018-2019. He also boasts over 22 years of both teaching and coaching at other schools in the district, including Lufkin Road, Apex Middle, and Apex High. 

The Rodgers family has many ties to Cary High; Rodgers’ daughter, Ryleigh, is currently a senior at the school. She told The Page, “When I first heard my dad got the Athletic Director job at Cary, I was so excited for him because he’s always wanted to be a part of Cary High! He was so happy and was so excited to be able to teach at the high school that he went to when he was younger. I’m a little sad that I’m a senior and I won’t be able to be at Cary while he’s there, but my brother, an incoming freshman, will have my dad there for his four years of high school!!” 

Cary is excited for the vision Coach Rodgers will bring to the athletics program, and to see how he will take our teams to the next level. We look forward to welcoming Coach Rodgers in the fall!
For more information on Coach Rodgers, click here.

The End of an Era: Billie Eilish and Her New Sound

By: Anna Burggraff

Who is Billie Eilish? Billie Eilish is a 19 year old singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She began her music career at the young age of 14 when she released Ocean Eyes, which quickly went viral and gained her a huge fanbase. People loved the unique sound of her voice and how new her style was. With this rare and beautiful sound, she began to release more music, which eventually led to her winning 5 Grammy Awards. 

Eilish has been known for rocking baggy clothes and fun hair colors, creating her own trademark look. Eilish also has created serious music discussing death, depression, and other serious topics. Some found this quite dark, but others, such as myself, found it quite beautiful. She was writing from the heart about issues many don’t even want to think about.

After witnessing the many recent changes in Eilish’s life, it is not a huge surprise she is changing up her music style as well. Coupled with her recent public appearances in more form fitting clothing and new hair, the announcement of a new album which has a brighter and softer sound has upset many.

Many fans have stated that they fell in love with the “old” Billie Eilish, saying that it is difficult to listen to her new music when it is so different from what she has previously created. 

Personally, I’m proud of Billie. None of us have seen her genuinely happy and confident like this before, and artists change and grow as people too. If one decides she wants to create something new, it is completely up to her. I’m eager to hear all of the new songs and am excited to see what this new chapter in Eilish’s music will bring. 

Eilish’s new album Happier Than Ever will drop on July 30th.

Four Takeaways From Biden’s First Address to Congress

By: Alexis Cope

On Wednesday night, President Biden addressed his first joint session of Congress, reviewing his first 100 days in office and suggesting new plans he wishes to put in motion. He said, “America is on the move again,” and made it clear he wished to keep the nation moving.

The session was held in the House chamber due to security and health concerns raised by the January 6th attack and COVID-19. Not all members of Congress were present, and the address lasted for around an hour. 

Two women on the podium make history.

For the first time in history, two women, one a woman of color, were seated behind the president as he spoke to the members in attendance. Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi framed either side of the president, creating a powerful image for all watching to view.

Biden recognized this as he entered the chamber, saying, “Madam Speaker. Madam Vice President. No president has ever said those words before, and it’s about time.”

Bipartisanship is critical, but Biden is ready to act.

When discussing new proposed federal spending programs, Biden stressed the idea that he is willing, ready, and keen to work with the Republican members of Congress, but should they fail to cooperate, he will move forward without their approval. “Doing nothing is not an option,” he said.

Getting Republican members of Congress on his side will likely be one of Biden’s most difficult tasks as president. In his inaugural address, Biden stressed the importance of this point, proclaiming, “the American story depends on…all of us….[this] requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity. Unity.” 

So far, it seems, the president has not quite gotten what he wished for on that score. Though he did praise a group of Republicans who “put forward their proposal,” there was often little reaction from the party to some of Biden’s remarks. None of the attending Republicans clapped when Biden announced his goal of cutting child poverty in half or after the session.

Biden wants to put America, and her middle/lower class, first.

Biden announced new changes to his American Jobs Plan, pledging that “American tax dollars are going to be used to buy American products made in America that create American jobs.” He also mentioned how “clean energy will create jobs for America,” thereby addressing his promises to help control climate change and help the nation’s economy. This plan also contains budgets for improving the nation’s infrastructure.

Biden also discussed his new American Families Plan, which primarily focuses on providing more families, specifically those of a lower income, with better education opportunities. Among other things, this plan will allow for free preschool services and two years of free community college. The plan will also support longer medical leaves for families and solidify protections and relief plans for COVID-19 that were once only temporary.

The COVID-19 crisis is bettering.

Biden also patted himself on the back for all he has done to curb the coronavirus pandemic. 

Flexing the number of vaccinations completed within his first 100 days in office, most of which were distributed to seniors, Biden did not confront the looming hurdle of many Americans’ distrust of and hesitancy to take the vaccine. In order to reach herd immunity, nearly 70% of the population would need to be vaccinated, a number which might be hard to achieve given the current mindset of many. 

Biden did, however, urge all listening to take advantage of the vaccination sites popping up across the country. “Go get vaccinated, America,” he said.

New Mural Appears On One of Cary’s Beloved Greenways

By: Alexis Cope

A new mural celebrating the natural habitats of Cary has appeared on a tunnel in Davis Drive Park’s White Oak greenway. 

Created by mural artist Lisa Gaither, the painting features depictions of wildlife native to North Carolina. The flowering dogwood, North Carolina’s state flower, is visible to the right and is joined by yellow and red honeysuckles, which adorn the archway. The tiger swallowtail, the state butterfly, and a gray squirrel, the state mammal, are also depicted.

The other side of the bridge is yet to be completed but will feature images of residents biking, jogging, and enjoying all that the greenway has to offer. This side will also be painted in a different art style so those passing under the bridge may experience two distinct works.

Gaither has painted many murals all throughout the Triangle, and even has one in Charleston, South Carolina. Self-taught, Gaither specializes in interactive artwork and “believes that art not only belongs in a gallery or museum but that it can and should be enjoyed by everyone.” This mural certainly is being enjoyed; when I visited, many who passed by were awed by this new addition on the greenway.

Cary is known to have many art installations within its borders, which often feature local artists. The Black Creek Greenway features brick sculptures created by artist Brad Spencer, and Rachel Herrick’s pooch-themed fire hydrants can be found all over town. Downtown Cary often plays host to a number of temporary installations, as well as permanent ones. Recently, in celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival, a series of six groups of glowing, lantern animals took up residence along Academy Street, only to be replaced by another illuminating work: a metal bonsai tree with a single cardinal upon its branches. 

Cary’s care for beautification, attention to local artists, and desires to provide residents with new, lovely additions to their town, is clear with Gaither’s new project. When finished, the murals are sure to be wonderful, representative works which those using the greenway will surely enjoy.

If you would like to view Gaither’s latest mural, visit Davis Drive Park at 1610 Davis Drive.

For more information about Gaither, visit her website: https://www.lisagaitherart.comFor more information about more art installations around Cary, visit:

Oscars 2021: Analysis and Predictions for the Top Categories

By: Ruby Schweitzer

Faced with the choice of either releasing their movies straight to streaming or letting them struggle in theaters filled only to 30% capacity, many production companies decided to delay their most awaited films in order to maximize their popularity and box office profits. The films that were released and earned Oscar nominations tended to be lower-budget, indie movies that normally would not have received many awards or much recognition. Nomadland and Minari, the two most awarded movies of the year, have a combined budget of $7 million, and were directed by filmmakers who had received little mainstream attention previously. The only two movies in the Best Picture category that might be considered typical nominees are Mank and The Trial of the Chicago 7, which were both Netflix originals. 

The interruption of normal releases also allowed more diverse stories to see the spotlight. Almost half of the 20 actors nominated this year are people of color, and two women have been nominated in the directing category for the first time. While this year meant a departure from regular moviegoing, it also presented a welcome change from the standard types of movies we’re used to seeing receive nominations each year. Perhaps in the future, we will be seeing more movies about Black Panther leaders and deaf heavy metal drummers alongside the old Hollywood period pieces and courtroom dramas.


-“The Father”

-“Judas and the Black Messiah”



-“Nomadland” – Predicted Winner

-“Promising Young Woman”

-“Sound of Metal”

-“The Trial of the Chicago 7″

Chloe Zhao’s depiction of a woman living in her van after losing her home in the Great Recession is the frontrunner for this year’s Best Picture Race. It has received praise for its inclusion of non-actors to realistically portray the nomadic life, and backlash for what critics consider a soft portrayal of the working conditions in Amazon factories. It’s odds of winning are so high that some of a contrarian tendency have gone the other way and predicted that another film will have a surprising upset. If you find yourself leaning similarly, consider predicting The Trial of the Chicago 7 or Minari instead, but prepare yourself to be disappointed.


-Thomas Vinterberg, “Another Round”

-David Fincher, “Mank”

-Lee Isaac Chung, “Minari”

-Chloe Zhao, “Nomadland” – Predicted Winner

-Emerald Fennell, “Promising Young Woman”

As the writer and director of the frontrunner for Best Picture, Chloe Zhao has received near universal acclaim for her work. It doesn’t hurt that she’s set a record this year for being the most awarded filmmaker in a single season. At this point, it would be historic both if she did win and if she didn’t because of her status as an Asian American woman and the amount of precursor awards she’s racked up.


-Viola Davis, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

-Andra Day, “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”

-Vanessa Kirby, “Pieces of a Woman”

-Frances McDormand, “Nomadland”

-Carey Mulligan, “Promising Young Woman” – Predicted Winner

This race has been unpredictable all season, with Vanessa Kirby beginning the year as a possible frontrunner only to end up receiving no prior awards. Andra Day only entered the conversation after her surprise win at the Golden Globes. But Carey Mulligan just might be the one to win, having won at both the Critics’ Choice Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, and because the widely talked about Promising Young Woman relied so heavily on her performance. 


-Riz Ahmed, “Sound of Metal”

-Chadwick Boseman, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” – Predicted Winner

-Anthony Hopkins, “The Father”

-Gary Oldman, “Mank”

-Steven Yeun, “Minari”

The late Chadwick Boseman gives an incredible performance as Levee Green in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, though his position as a frontrunner would likely be less solid if not for voters wanting to honor the actor in his final performance. If anyone else has a chance of taking the award, expect it to be Anthony Hopkins. 


-Maria Bakalova, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

-Glenn Close, “Hillbilly Elegy”

-Olivia Colman, “The Father”

-Amanda Seyfried, “Mank”

-Yuh-jung Youn, “Minari” – Predicted Winner

Like the Best Actress race, the Supporting Actress race has been unpredictable this year, but Yuh-jung Youn seems to have emerged as a frontrunner with her SAG and BAFTA wins. The only other actress in the category that rivals her in terms of nominations is Maria Bakalova, but her comedic performance in Borat 2 seems an unlikely pick for the Oscars.


-Sacha Baron Cohen, “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

-Daniel Kaluuya, “Judas and the Black Messiah” – Predicted Winner

-Leslie Odom Jr., “One Night in Miami”

-Paul Raci, “Sound of Metal”

-Lakeith Stanfield, “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Daniel Kaluuya is the clear favorite to win in this category for his portrayal of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. This is second Oscar nomination after his first for his breakout performance in Get Out four years ago.


-“Judas and the Black Messiah”


-“Promising Young Woman” – Predicted Winner

-“Sound of Metal”

-“The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Emerald Fennell’s #MeToo inspired story, with its plot twists and love-it-or-hate-it ending, seems to be the most likely choice for Best Original Screenplay.


-“Borat Subsequent MovieFilm”

-“The Father”

-“Nomadland” – Predicted Winner

-“One Night in Miami”

-“The White Tiger”Nomadland has an edge in this category because voters are likely to give it Best Picture and Director, but The Father’s BAFTA win for Best Screenplay makes it the runner-up.


By: Johanna Ramirez-Perez

Over the years, many cosmetic companies have used animals in order to test new products, using them to test new formulas using a variety of chemicals. During this process, animals are forced to eat or inhale substances that could kill them, and most do end up being harmed or killed. This year, many audiences have learned about these practices and have reached out to stop animal testing in makeup products. There have also been many trending hashtags spreading all across America in an attempt to speak up to stop animal cruelty. Common animals that have been used for animal testing include:









Millions of these innocent animals are locked up inside cages in labs being prepared to be tortured and suffer. These animals cannot defend themselves and have no other choice but to wait in fear while the procedure starts. 

What can you do? 

There are a variety of brands that are cruelty free that you can purchase. If you own brands that aren’t cruelty-free, finish the products and don’t purchase them again. If you see a friend with products that aren’t cruelty-free, explain and encourage them to purchase non-animal cruelty brands. By not purchasing these brands that test animals, it will push government agencies to stop sponsoring and performing animal testing.

Brands involved in animal cruelty


-L’oreal Paris 





-Bed Head 

-Bath and Body Works

-Victoria’s Secret 

-Wet N Wild

-Laura Mercier


-Clean and Clear



-Fit me!



-Sephora brand 

-Mary Kay

For more brands that test on animals, visit 

However, it’s safe to say that many brands have been hearing us and transferring to a cruelty free company.

List of cruelty free brands:




-Anastasia Beverly Hills 






-Colour Pop



-BH cosmetics 


-100% PURE

-The Body Shop

-Urban Decay 



For more cruelty free products visit: 

Please help and spread trending hashtags to help reach out; your voice matters, and animal lives matter. #Saveralf, #vegan, #savetheplanetearth, #saveanimals, #stopanimalcruelty. You can also sign this petition to ban animal testing:

In order to see if a brand is certified cruelty free, check out these logos!

Unofficial Logos:                   Certified Cruelty Free Logos:

Support Black-Owned Businesses in the Triangle

By: Johanna Ramirez-Perez

Want to support black-owned businesses around the area? Invite some friends to catch a nice meal and show love and care to the black community. 

Here is a list of places you can go or book appointments of your interests.


-Your Pie Pizza 

at 685 Cary Towne Blvd

-Dame’s Chicken and Waffles 

at 823 Bass Pro Lane

-Better Body Essentials 

at 1105 Walnut Street

-Live in Color Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine 

at 964 High House Road

-The Fotoshoppe 

at 2072 Kildaire Farm Road

-Lowery Smiles

 at 110 Preston Executive Drive

-Araida Fitness Cary

at 8420 Chapel Hill Road


-Corner Boys BBQ 

at 2201 S Wilmington Street

-Cocoa Forte Desserts 

is a travelling dessert truck available for rent, or you can buy online

-Oak City Fish and Chips at the Morgan Street Food Hall

at 411 W Morgan Street

-ORO Restaurant and Lounge

at 18 E Martin Street 

-Pure Juicery & Vegan Food Bar 

at 716 Slash Pine Drive 

-Social Status Men’s Clothing

at 308 Parham Street

-Nail Yeah 

at 22 Glenwood Ave, Suite #1


-Ashley Squared Salon

at 2232 Page Road #104

-Aura Salon and Boutique 

at 3742 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd

-Beyú Caffè

at 341 W Main Street

-Big C Waffles 

at 2110 Allendown Drive

-Crissy Shined Nails

at 1910 Sedwick Road

-Ego Barber Lounge 

at 3823 Guess Road, Suite K

-Empower Dance Studio 

at 109 W Parrish Street

We would love for you to come and support the black community.

Cary Celebrates 150 Years of Tradition, Growth, and Life

By: Alexis Cope

April 3 marked the Town of Cary’s 150th anniversary, a landmark in any city’s life.

In the early 1850s, Allison Francis (Frank) Page and his wife, Kate, purchased and settled 300 acres of land surrounding a vital railroad track between Greensboro and Charlotte, creating a stop for weary passengers traveling on this line. As the town grew–and it did so with alarming speed–a second line, which ran from Raleigh to Chatham County, was built. The now historic Page-Walker Hotel was later built by Frank to provide the increasing number of travelers with somewhere to stay.

In addition to the Hotel, Page also built and owned a dry goods store, a saw mill, and a tobacco warehouse. Intent on helping his little town flourish, Page also served as its first mayor, postmaster, and railroad agent and specialist. 

Page named his town “Cary” after the prohibition leader Samuel F. Cary, whom he greatly admired. When Cary, its boundaries measuring only one square mile, was officially incorporated on April 3, 1871, the name was kept, and, per Page’s wishes, Cary became a “dry” town. This meant that the town forbade the selling, consumption, or other use of alcohol. This was, however, later abolished.

Page, along with Adolphus and Rufus Jones, created Cary Academy, a private school for their children to attend, after the town was official. This is not to be confused with Cary High School, also built with help from Page in 1871. In 1907, the high school was purchased by the Wake County Board of Education and became one of the first public high schools in North Carolina. Cary High’s original building now serves as the Cary Arts Center, and the current buildings now sit on Walnut Street. 

In the 1920s, Cary’s population grew by 64 percent, and this growth redefined Cary completely. The town thrived, new roads were built, new neighborhoods established, new businesses were created, and new technologies, such as the telephone, were introduced. After World War II, Cary became an incredibly industrial town with a swelling population; in the 1950s, Cary’s population doubled. 

This pattern of growth has continued even through to the present day: Cary proper now covers nearly 60 square miles and boasts over 166,000 residents. With new revitalization plans in place, other continued development, a vibrant downtown, and rich history, Cary certainly is staying at the forefront of change. Listed several times as a desirable city to live in, Cary continues to thrive, even 150 years later.