Photo Credit: Anthony Doudt, https://tinyurl.com/ycqlyxkb

After many years without a student-run news publication at Cary High School, The Page was established in the Spring of 2018. The Page aims to both fulfill an interest of many students–by helping them learn about journalism and improve their writing–and provide an easy source of information about events at Cary High and news from around the world.



Club Sponsor: Mrs. Jessee

Chief Editor: Stephen Atkinson

Managing Editor: Claire Perry

News Editor: Eliza Jackson-Wald

Senior Arts Editor: Allie Jessee

Junior Arts Editor: Jake Bryant

Sports Editor: Andrew Thornton

Opinion Editor: Dominic Coletti

Marketing Managers: Kathleen Hunnicutt and Sara Omer


If you have any comments, article ideas, or letters to the editor, let us know below.