Student Life and Culture

A Summer Bucket List for When You Get Bored

by Lelani Williamson and Regan Sumy

What Cary High Students are Saying About School

by Students of Cary High with the help of Regan Sumy

COVID-19 Quarantine 101

by Regan Sumy

Acing Her Way to Furman

by Regan Sumy

Halloween 2020: What Should I Do?

by Celia Pope and Sarah Cain

A Taste of Normality: FOCO

by Kayla Engler

Comfort Movies

by Anna Burggraff

The Rise of Blue Light Glasses

by Kiera Kofkin-Hansen

Thrifting in Cary: A Review

by Lindsay Gorman

It’s Black History Month!

by Ebenezer Nkunda

Oscar Nominations

by Ruby Schweitzer

What Holiday?

by Ria Devgon

Club Spotlights at CHS

by Areeba Jaleel & Ria Devgon

NC State Fair: Ranked

by Alexis Cope

Road to Regionals

by Leanne Killmeyer

How To Choose Your College!

by Jonah Lawson

Movie Review: Beautiful Boy

by Jonah Lawson

Imp Dome Men’s Hoops Report

by Andrew Thornton

The Page Shares Family Holiday Traditions

by The Page 2018-2019 Editorial Staff

An Ode to Spirit Week

by Eliza Jackson-Wald

Nothing Could be Finer

by Jake Bryant

Shakin’ Up Shakespeare

by Allie Jessee

Summer Music Roundup

by Stephen Atkinson