Student Life and Culture

What Cary High Students are Saying About School

by Students of Cary High with the help of Regan Sumy

COVID-19 Quarantine 101

by Regan Sumy

Acing Her Way to Furman

by Regan Sumy

Halloween 2020: What Should I Do?

by Celia Pope and Sarah Cain

A Taste of Normality: FOCO

by Kayla Engler

Comfort Movies

by Anna Burggraff

The Rise of Blue Light Glasses

by Kiera Kofkin-Hansen

Thrifting in Cary: A Review

by Lindsay Gorman

It’s Black History Month!

by Ebenezer Nkunda

Oscar Nominations

by Ruby Schweitzer

What Holiday?

by Ria Devgon

Club Spotlights at CHS

by Areeba Jaleel & Ria Devgon

NC State Fair: Ranked

by Alexis Cope

Road to Regionals

by Leanne Killmeyer

How To Choose Your College!

by Jonah Lawson

Movie Review: Beautiful Boy

by Jonah Lawson

Imp Dome Men’s Hoops Report

by Andrew Thornton

The Page Shares Family Holiday Traditions

by The Page 2018-2019 Editorial Staff

An Ode to Spirit Week

by Eliza Jackson-Wald

Nothing Could be Finer

by Jake Bryant

Shakin’ Up Shakespeare

by Allie Jessee

Summer Music Roundup

by Stephen Atkinson