Voting: What it Means to Me


I am seventeen-years-old. I’ll turn eighteen two weeks before the General Election, and according to North Carolina law, I’m allowed to vote in the Primaries as well. I’ve dreamed about voting ever since the 2016 election. I saw things I didn’t agree with and felt it was my duty to make those wrongs turn right through voting.

I come from a very political family. My parents are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Being the eldest child, I didn’t want to disappoint either of my parents by picking a side; though, as I grew older, I found myself on the left end of the political spectrum. I felt comfort in the morals and values of the Democratic Party, and that’s where I find myself today.

I’ve experienced a lot of hate throughout my years of speaking out against injustices against women, Muslims, and people-of-color. I’ve received rude messages and tweets, and I’m made fun of every time I talk about what’s wrong with our country. Nevertheless, I will continue speaking out because I know that my beliefs help others. My only purpose in life is to help those in need, and I work towards that every day. I plan to leave a mark on this world. 

Voting is a way to make one’s voice be heard. I want to be able to say that I voted for progression, not regression. Voting is an American civic duty, and I want to take part in the systematic change of our country. On February 24th, 2020, I participated in Early Voting and voted for Democratic Primary Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders. 

Even if you can’t vote, take part in local protests, organizations, or raise awareness about certain issues on social media. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Because if we all take small steps together, the distance we travel will be far greater than if we were divided. 

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