Cary Student Bucket List

By: CHS The Page Writing Staff

At Cary High School, we have so many traditions and inside jokes that contribute to our school culture! At our club meeting on October 26, our members brainstormed a Cary Student Bucket List to get the full student experience!

  • Attend a PTA evening event 
  • Attend a performing arts concert (Musical, Improve, Green Tie Gala)
  • Get posted on the Cary High Instagram page
  • Get involved in spirit parade
  • Start a new club
  • Get Free cafeteria pizza
  • Step in Goose poop
  • Paint the bus
  • Participate in a pep rally
  • Donate to a fundraising drive
  • Finish Drivers Ed!
  • Get a free item from the Church
  • Buying their class t-shirt
  • Engage in the student section!
  • Receive a Singing Valentine or Santagram
  • Volunteer in a community service project
  • Participate in spirit days

And of course, most importantly,

  • Take a swim in the pool on top of the 2000 building

How many have you done?

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