Semester Change Thoughts

By: Mia Allen 

A fresh start. A new chapter. A new semester. These are all words that come to my head as I think about the final exams and changing classes for the new semester. As a freshman, this will be my first time doing this, and truthfully, the change in semesters can be intimidating. The fact that we’re already at the start of the second semester is a testament to how this year is flying by, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. This change is inevitable, but it affects people in different ways. 

Whether you are excited or nervous about the new semester, change can be a good thing. People react to change differently, and there are many different coping strategies you can use to help. Some ways one can cope with the change of semesters include taking steps to understand what next semester will be like. You can walk by your classes, so you know where to go and you can talk to your new teachers during lunch. Another way to cope with change is by having a positive mindset. For Example, “I have a class with my friend this semester” or “I’m so excited to read these books in English class!” Your mindset affects a lot of what you do. Grand Canyon University stated, “When children believe that their abilities can be developed, they can understand their natural development and talent are just the beginning.” This quote displays that a mindset can motivate you in your classes and help you reach your goals. Lastly, you can make realistic goals. A good example of this is, trying to ask questions so you can get a 95 on your science test, because science is not your best subject.

Now, semester change is not something everyone can agree on, but should we have it? 

According to, 80% of students find block scheduling positive. At Cary High, we accelerated block scheduling, which means four classes for the first semester and four different courses during the second semester. University of the People found that block scheduling allows for less homework, more focus, and longer planning periods for teachers. They also found some negative aspects of block scheduling. They found that this leads to a loss of community, fast-paced classes, and a struggle to catch up if you miss school. Students who miss school in a fast-paced environment can negatively affect their grades. The National Center For Education Statistics says, “Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance.” There are many sides people can take on this issue, and there are plenty of pros and cons to back up each argument. 

Now that we have looked at ways to cope with the new semester change and if this type of schedule is good or bad, we have to realize the new semester will inevitably come. So, we should keep an open mind about what this semester could bring, and take some time over the weekend to prepare for Monday and come in with confidence.

Basketball Season is Almost Over— Come and Support the Imps Program Before it’s too Late!

Article, Photography, and Videography by Alex Manuel

The Imps have only six more games until postseason basketball, and only three remain at home. The team’s record sits at an unimposing 7-11, proving that the Imps still have some work to do if they want to have a chance at making a run in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) State Playoffs. 

Fortunately for the Imps, they are coming off of two important conference wins over Middle Creek and Green Level. This was the Gator’s first conference loss of the season, this game versus Cary went into two overtime periods before the Imps could pull in front before the clock hit zero. 

See Highlights of the Middle Creek Game Here: 

The Men’s Varsity team defeated their past two opponents with a combined total of nine points, showing the team’s ability to maintain their composure when the game is close and the clock is running out of time. When asked how the team was able to win these close games, forward Zack Chavis (#5) stated, “We stay together and rally using our team chemistry.” Chavis and guards Brishawn Haywood (#2) and Damarion Ford (#1) have played three years together in the Imps Basketball Program.

(Zack Chavis Drives to the Basket Against Willow Springs on December 2, 2022.)

The Men’s Varsity team has a record of 4-4 in the Southwest Wake 4A Conference (SWAC), placing them in a tie for 3rd place. The SWAC contains some of the best teams in the state, so if the Imps close out the season strong, they will have a very high chance of making state playoffs. Furthermore, there are only three home games left for the Imps, so come and see what the excitement is all about, and experience why basketball is one of the many great reasons to visit the Imp Dome!

At the Game

In the Imp Dome, there is much more to do than simply watch the game. At each game, tons of students pack the stands to form “Gang Green,” which is made up of the Cary crazies, who get loud and have lots of fun at games. Student section leader Brady Blalock described that the highlight of many games is “the hype when we make a big play,” which leads students to create positive memories with each other outside of the classroom. 

This Friday, January 20th, there will be a halftime performance by the Cary High IMPulse dance club, and halftimes during the remaining home games will include performances by the IMPressive dance team and the Cary High Cheerleaders, who are hard at work every game.

(Cheerleader Maddie Goodman Flies during Tuesday’s Game Against Green Level.)

The last three home games for the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team are Friday, January 20th, at 8:00 pm against Apex High, Friday, February 3rd, at 6:00 pm against Apex Friendship, and Tuesday, February 7th, at 6:00 pm against Panther Creek High. This week’s game against Apex is a special one because it is the last home “Quad” game of the year. All four of Cary High’s Basketball Teams will be in action starting at 3:30 pm with Women’s JV, followed by Men’s JV, Women’s Varsity, and finally Men’s Varsity. 

Come and help the Imps finish their season off strongly! We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming sporting events and will have more coverage as the season goes along. GO IMPS!

The Page: Holiday Edition

This holiday season, The Page staff collaborated to create a physical newspaper! Click the link below to view the online version, or stop by Ms. Jessee’s room for a physical copy (first come, first serve).

Online Holiday Newspaper

 The Best is Yet to Come

 By: Luca Muehlbauer

This soccer season was a rough one for the Imps. But there was plenty of action. Throughout the season there were plenty of goals, fouls, and winning, but not enough to go to the playoffs this year. The varsity team had a bumpy start in the conference, losing their first 6 games, but they bounced back throughout the rest of the season ending with a record of 4-4 within the conference. The season ended with a loss to Middle Creek, had they won the game they may have made the playoffs. 

Led by Coach Kerrigan, the varsity team had a great second half of the season. Kerrigan had led the men’s varsity team to a conference championship in the 2019-2020 season and also coached at the collegiate level for 11 years at NC State. Kerrigan states, “The last 4 weeks we went 4-4 in the conference, and if we had done that the whole season we would have made the playoffs.” This team was clearly capable of making it to the playoffs, and unfortunately, their record did not show it. 

This season the varsity team was primarily made up of seniors, the team had 13 seniors overall. That is an extremely high amount of seniors and during the season you could really see that players trusted the seniors to be there for them. For example, both captains were seniors. They provided great leadership to the players. In addition, the team had a strong defense made of almost all seniors, three out of the four players on the defensive line were seniors. 

Next season there is a lot of hope for the varsity team. There may be 13 players leaving the team due to graduation but there’s still plenty of talent on this team. The JV team had a fantastic season this past year. Hopefully some of that talent can transfer onto the varsity squad and hopefully, the returning varsity players will lead the team to victory. For example, Hudson Stevens and Santiago Escobar, probably some of the rising stars from this past season will be coming back for another shot at making the playoffs. Kerrigan said that some of her goals were “To have as many guys as possible to come to voluntary training in the summer.” She is hoping to get a look at all the players and learn more about the players well before the season officially begins. Additionally, she is hoping this will help her choose the correct team for the season. It can also help the team itself build chemistry for the season. 

In spite of all the strength the team had this season, they still did have some struggles, Kerrigan stated that a big issue was that many players didn’t join the team till August-“We had different guys out at different times, and that hurt us in terms of developing a team rhythm.” Many players this season had personal issues or just came late into the season. Many injuries affected the team’s rhythm. The starting lineup was always changing for the first month due to these sudden changes. Kerrigan said that this was a huge hurdle for them. 

This team has so much potential and hopefully, they will have more success next season. It was a very fun and entertaining season. All the games were aggressive and we always gave it our all. This coming season as Kerrigan said, we would love to see more people at the summer training. It can help the coaches get to know you and see how you play, and it also helps the team’s chemistry. The bonding between the players is an essential aspect of the game. So if you can come to some training sessions this summer for the team that would be great! It might be just what we need to win next season. Go Imps!

Cary Student Bucket List

By: CHS The Page Writing Staff

At Cary High School, we have so many traditions and inside jokes that contribute to our school culture! At our club meeting on October 26, our members brainstormed a Cary Student Bucket List to get the full student experience!

  • Attend a PTA evening event 
  • Attend a performing arts concert (Musical, Improve, Green Tie Gala)
  • Get posted on the Cary High Instagram page
  • Get involved in spirit parade
  • Start a new club
  • Get Free cafeteria pizza
  • Step in Goose poop
  • Paint the bus
  • Participate in a pep rally
  • Donate to a fundraising drive
  • Finish Drivers Ed!
  • Get a free item from the Church
  • Buying their class t-shirt
  • Engage in the student section!
  • Receive a Singing Valentine or Santagram
  • Volunteer in a community service project
  • Participate in spirit days

And of course, most importantly,

  • Take a swim in the pool on top of the 2000 building

How many have you done?

Don’t Worry Darling Review

By Colleen Bailey

Don't Worry Darling is a finely manicured, unsettling movie - Finally,  Harry Styles' movie lead debut has arrived. Here's our review.

Don’t Worry Darling was once the most anticipated movie of the year but has recently become the topic of cheap gossip columns. From a director-actor affair to the casting of an alleged abuser to a spitting incident, the heated drama overshadows the film itself. But what of the movie, lost amidst rumors and Hollywood speculation?

Don’t Worry Darling aimed to be a profound social commentary on patriarchal society but lands closer to an entertaining yet inconsequential psychological thriller. The film is set in a utopian 1950’s community located in sunny California. Every day, men drive to work in their shiny Chevy convertibles leaving the women to cook, clean, and drink at home. Every house is nearly identical with a painted white façade, a perfectly trimmed yard, and pastel mid-century modern furniture within. Every evening, dinner parties are hosted, and exorbitant amounts of alcohol are consumed. And every day the cycle repeats. 

The downfall of this film can be attributed to the screenplay and Harry Styles’ performance. The overarching concept of the film is intriguing, even thought-provoking, but the screenplay fails to deliver. For a thriller banking on build-up and surprise, the film is incredibly repetitive especially in the middle third. Some would argue “that’s the whole point” —to highlight the perfect, routine life everyone leads. But eventually, the time comes to let the action rise but instead the plot waits undeveloped for another 20 minutes. Yet worse than awkward pacing is overwriting. The script’s lack of nuance cannot be overstated. Nothing is left to interpretation or assumption (To those who have seen Don’t Worry Darling, please ask yourself: how does the airplane tie into the plot? My case and point). 

. Too much is said and too little is meant. In the endless potential of Don’t Worry Darling, not one original revelation or theme is presented. 

Now, to the unavoidable, terrible truth—Harry Styles can’t act. He can sing, he can dance, but he cannot act. Styles’ presence on screen was strangely flat despite being a flamboyant global superstar. His line delivery was bland, and he often exited scenes unnoticed. But nothing was worse than his attempts at intense emotion. At the climax of the film, Styles grabs the steering wheel of his vintage convertible, jerks his body violently, then screams at the top of his lungs—could anything be more cliché? We love you Harry—just not as an actor.  

But this is not to discredit the movie as a whole. For one, Florence Pugh gave yet another incredible performance, as did Chris Pine. And second, the visual appearance of the film is truly breathtaking. Pugh and Pine acted circles around Styles and the rest of the ensemble. Pugh was mesmerizing and emotionally persuasive, while Pine was creepy yet charismatic. Frankly, they prevented this movie from entering into corny, meaningless dystopia. But more astonishing than Pugh and Pine are the cinematography and production design departments. The cinematography by Matthew Libatique is gorgeous and engulfing; movie-goers can feel the warm, hazy California sun seep through the screen into their chilly, dark theater. And still the set and costume design are equally magnificent, from the Kauffman-inspired architecture of each house to the dangling, gaudy earrings on every wife. The outfits, backdrops, and props in each and every scene coordinate flawlessly and elevate the movie from mediocre to decent. 

With all things considered, Don’t Worry Darling deserves 3 out of 5 stars. Was the film enjoyable? Yes. But does the film truly say anything that hasn’t been said before? No, not really. And does Harry Styles need to leave Hollywood? Absolutely.

Cary’s Cupid: 2022

Note: Messages are alphabetically sorted by first name!


♡Abigail Clark: HEY ABIGAIL CLARK i luv you bae (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Alexis Cope: Thank you for being the best mentor editor ever!! you’re da bomb!! (Love, Regan Sumy)

♡Ali Osman: You don’t really know me but you cute:) lol I think you can guess who Iam. HAPPY VALENTINES (Love, Anonymous)

♡Ava Wertz: ava u pretty asl i be seeing u in the hallways and stuff , i think u are vry vry attractive 🤗 (Love, Anonymous)

♡Becca Neill: i think you’re so cool i may start throwing tennis balls at your car😇 (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Benjamin Eisheid: you suck (Love, Anonymous)

♡Bennett Perry: happy valentine’s day my love, thank you for 2 wonderful years (Love, Gabby LeBron)

♡Brian Velez: Boy I love you, you my main mane. On God , you always keeping it fr mane. We out here every day doing the same thang. (Love, Gabriel San Luis)

♡Concert Chorus Sopranos: You guys are the best section ever and you bring me so much joy! Love you all ❤ Go soaps!! (Love, Gabby LeBron)

♡Corey Pettiford: corey u cute gimme a kiss (Love, Anonymous)

♡Doan Flores Sanchez: Doan, I feel like it was love at first sight with you. I’ve never built up the courage to tell you that I liked you though because I feel like I’m too ugly for you. (Love, Anonymous)

♡Eleanor Bell: Girlllll!!! Happy v-day to my wonderful best friend so grateful to know you ❤ love you miss ellie!!!!! (Love, Lindsay Lynch)

♡Ella Cope: Thanks for being the best sister!! Glad I got to have a year of school with you :))) luv ya (Love, Alexis Cope)

♡Emanuel Martinez: Thanks for always being there for me, and for the memories we have shared over the years – from your favorite person 🙂 (Love, Anonymous)

♡Emerson Phillips: hi shawty you’re the coolest (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Ethan Kohn: happy v day to my partner and my best friend 🙂 so lucky to’ve met you this school year <3<3<3 (Love, Alyssa Robertson)

♡Hanne Hanson, Jerry Atunku, Mani Pourfazli, Taylor Pipkin, Rachel Moser, Ava Peters: Sophia got a special poem because I didn’t realize there was a two time submission limit. You guys are all cool though innit. You are like the trees but moonlit and are worth more than an oven mitt. (Love, Avery Phillips)

♡Indigo Opharow: I really like you, I’ve had a crush on you for some time now (Love, Anonymous)

♡Jessica Paredes, Elshaday Admasu, Saron Tilahun: thanks for being my besties <33  looking forward to our bucket list- some things WAY more than others (Love, Regan Sumy)

♡Jocelyn Moregenstein: you’re my forever favorite and i will always love u thank you for being my best friend (Love, Nathaniel Gokonous)

♡Johanna Ramirez-Perez: absolutely appreciate you, thank you for everything   ♡ also buy me oatmeal (Love, Anonymous)

♡Justine Moesch: habadabadoo baefy❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 (Love, Sylvie Cullen)

♡Keara Dunn: I think you know who this is, do you maybe want to be my valentine? (Love, Anonymous)

♡Krish Patel: Literally the hottest guy I know, I hope you’ll flex for me after getting that PR 😍😍. Program me like one of your French girls. Good luck with college appsssssssss (Love, Summit Farmah)

♡Lauren Sumy: thanks for being da best sister ❤ sorry i’m too broke to buy you chocolates :)) luv uu (Love, Regan Sumy)

♡Layne Duffey: i hate diet coke but i do not hate you😄👍🏼 (Love, Sylvie Cullen)

♡Lelani Williamson: Will you be my valentine? ❤ (Love, Demba Kante)

♡Lily Wolfram: Lily wolfram is SUPER swag and she’s one of the best people I know. She’s such a positive person and is so kind to everyone. #lilyisswag (Love, Anonymous)

♡Lindsay Lynch: Hi pretty lady! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you lots & I can’t wait to graduate next to each other ❤ (Love, Sophia Ly)

♡Maddie Grovesteen: happy Valentine’s day to my favorite rat🥰🥰 (Love, Natalie Arndt)

♡Madeline Mcgee: you’re the most contained chaotic person i know which also makes you the most fun i think you’re cool asf (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Madison Woolworth: u are cool woman love u (Love, Anonymous)

♡Maggie Arndt: Hello my squirmy little maggot 😚😚 you are so earthy and moist 😁❤happy valentines day!😘 (Love, Maggie Grovesteen)

♡Maggie Arndt: happy Valentine’s day to my favorite maggot🥰🥰 (Love, Natalie Arndt)

♡Maria Lopez Moya: Love u hermosa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Love, Anonymous)

♡Mia Mese: hi dude i miss our after bio boba runs you’re also cool (Love, Andrea Soo-Hoo)

♡Michael Consolatti: I love you so much you’re my sweet little birdy have a great time. (Love, Anonymous)

♡Miles Crane: Love you loser, hope you have a great day. (Love, Dayanara Diaz)

♡Naila Din: Happy Valentine’s Day bae!!! Love ya so much and don’t forget to sing your heart out during these singing valentines!!! A little fun fact of the day is that the prom theme is Neon lights…. Like isn’t that so cute ❤️ Anywaysssss have an amazing day for yours truly (Love, Aniah Woodard)

♡Naila Din: You’re a great chorus person and winterguard person. Indeed (Love, Anonymous)

♡Naila Din: It’s giving Eugene (Love, Anonymous)

♡Natalie Arndt: Hi sussy wussy😚😚 you are so cute and suspicious! Happy valentines day 😁 (Love, Maddie Grovesteen)

♡Natalie Arndt: I love you guys so much and I’m so happy I have you in my life 🙂 I don’t know where I would be without you, but I know it wouldn’t be good, so thank you for being the best friends ever :)) ❤ (Love, Maggie Arndt)

♡Nathan Gokounous: nathan gokosaurus or whatever it is🦕 I LOVE U!! you are truly the most wonderful friend in the world:) (Love, Anonymous)

♡Noah Chamberlain, Connor Van Heugten, Ben Francis: You are my favorite jew. (Love, Ty Pinder)

♡Regan Sumy: LOVE YOU BAE (Love, Jessica Paredes)

♡Regan Sumy, Anna Burggraff, and Johanna Ramirez-Perez : Thanks for being the best co-editors ever!! You are the coolest ladies 🙂 (Love, Alexis Cope)

♡Roo Mazza: Ayoooo Roo you my dawg and I appreciate you and I hope you have a good day. (Love, Delphine Missongo)

♡Skye Harris: We have only known each other for a couple months but can we go out? (Love, Anonymous)

♡Sophia Morris: Sophia you’re the best, you make my days blessed, I would never consider you a pest. I need to take you into math with me when I have a test. Armrest ❤ (Love, Avery Phillips)

♡Susana Hamill: Susana is so incredibly beautiful and I love her so much! 😍😍😍😍 (Love, Anonymous)

♡Theodore Lewis: “To him, I’m just another girl. Sitting in class with my head on my desk. To me, he’s that guy. With that smile, those eyes, that laugh, and the boy I can never have.” -V. (Love, Anonymous)

♡Ty Pinder: i love you ty never forget how much you mean to me (Love, Michael Consolatti)

IDEA Club’s Feminine Hygiene Project

By: Avery Phillips

As of December 1st 2021, Cary High students have access to free femine hygiene products provided at school—all thanks to the IDEA club. 

Through their feminine hygiene project, IDEA club set up boxes of period products throughout bathrooms in the 2000 and 3000 buildings on Cary High’s campus. Any student in need can now access free feminine hygiene products without having to ask a friend, teacher, or the front office. Furthermore, the availability of feminine hygiene products around campus grants students access to pads and tampons without the burden of a high price. In North Carolina, tampons, pads, and menstrual cups are classified as “non-essential” and “luxury” items, taxing them at 4.75%. Individual cities have the power to raise this tax up to 7.75%. “We took the project on because we wanted to help students feel more comfortable at school,” Anna Routh, an IDEA club officer, stated. She continues by communicating that, “Whether someone forgot to bring products, or if buying products is a financial burden, the bins serve to do what schools should already be doing: provide pads and tampons as they do with other essentials such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.” 

To bring their project to life, the IDEA club reached out to Mandy Roylance, Cary High’s treasurer of the PTSA, who was supportive of their idea and donated bins for the club to use. IDEA club officer Emerson Phillips comments that “Mrs. Roylance and Mrs. Stevens, our club advisor, have been so helpful throughout this whole process. From helping us find the best materials for the bins to spreading the word throughout school, we couldn’t have done it without them.” The IDEA club asked for donations through the morning announcements and Cary High students assisted in providing pads and tampons to help the project transpire. The club also shared their mission with various feminine hygiene organizations, and Playtex Sport generously donated 368 pads and tampons to be made available to students.

Aside from providing period products, IDEA club aims to bring forth a meaningful change through this project. “Beyond having pads and tampons available in bathrooms, our goal is to normalize periods and break the detrimental stigma that periods are something to be ashamed of,” states IDEA club officer Hailey Baldwin. The club also wants to raise awareness on the high tax placed upon period products. According to Linda Carroll at Reuters, “A survey of low-income women in a large U.S. city finds that nearly two-thirds couldn’t afford menstrual hygiene products.” With greater awareness brings a greater demand for change, and the IDEA club works to inform students of the struggles that many low-income women have to encounter when faced with the high tax placed on period products. 

Before the end of the first semester, the IDEA club will have feminine hygiene products available in every bathroom at Cary High School. The club hopes to sustain the project so that all students can have easy access to feminine hygiene products for years to come. If you want to donate to help keep the initiative going, you can do so by bringing pads or tampons to room 2328 or the donation box outside of the front office. To learn more about the club and their goals, visit IDEA club’s website at and follow their Instagram, @ideaclubchs.

A Summer Bucket List for When You Get Bored

By: Lelani Williamson and Regan Sumy

Summer break is right around the corner (only 10 more school days!), and I’m sure everyone is ready to have an eventful summer so as to make up for last year. Here’s some ideas of things to do if you get bored over break:

Go to an amusement park:

At places like Adventure Landing and Frankie’s you’ll have a variety of activities like go-karting, mini golf, and arcade games to keep you entertained. With some friends, you could spend hours having fun at these nearby places. Not too far out (in Charlotte) is Carowinds, where you can ride large roller coasters and get the full amusement park experience.  

Take a beach trip

The beach is one of the best parts of summer. The cool water and sand make it the ideal summer destination. With all the beaches in North Carolina — such as Carolina Beach, Emerald Isle, Wilmington Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Sunset Beach, Myrtle Beach, and more — taking a day or even week trip to the beach could be a lively experience. 

Go to a water park

Hot summer days will leave you wanting nothing more than to get soaked in some cool water. As the pool once again begins to become a routine destination, try out places like Wet ‘n Wild Water Park at Emerald Pointe, White Lake Water Park, Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park, or Murrow Waves Water Park for a more exciting water experience. These water parks have large slides, lazy pools, and normal pools for you to swim in. If you want to take an overnight trip try out Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte or Concord, you can enjoy a water park that comes with many other great amenities. 

Camp in your backyard

If you don’t want to go far from your house but still want to get outside, try camping in your backyard with some friends. You can set up tents, have a campfire, and make s’mores while telling creepy stories — just like they do in the movies! I would definitely recommend bug spray, but it could be an eventful and memorable activity to do with some friends or family. 

Have a picnic

 With all the nice parks in the area, making a meal and having a picnic could be an easy and relaxing thing to do over summer. You could try making a new recipe, creating a cool refreshing drink, or even put together a tasty charcuterie board. 

Read a book!

Now I know this may sound boring like summer homework, but finding a good book to read can be super relaxing and fun pastime for all the free time you’ll have over summer break. There are so many genres and writing styles to choose from, so there is surely a book for everyone! I’m sure if you try, you could begin to love books this summer. 

Watch a outdoor movie

Since the weather is so good over the summer, why not go outside to watch a movie to get a change of scenery? At the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater you can drive up and watch whatever movie they have playing that night. Bring snacks, a blanket, and your friends to make this an enjoyable experience. Another option would just be to set up a movie in your backyard. Invite your friends or family and it might feel just like a movie theater at home. 

Pick strawberries

Once it’s the season, places like Hunt’s Strawberries and Page Farms become an activity worth your while. At these strawberry farms, you can go around and pick your own fresh strawberries to wash and eat later. It’s super fun and the strawberries are like none you’ve ever had before!

Other ideas include: 

  • Go for a hike/walk
  • Go thrifting
  • Have (or visit) a yard sale
  • Visit a cat cafe. These are literally the best ever! If you like cats, of course. My favorite local cat cafe is Purr Cup Cafe — they have some amazingly cute cats and brilliant coffee.
  • Go to the farmer’s market or support local shops 
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Stargaze
  • Have a mini-photoshoot 
  • Have a game night 
  • Volunteer somewhere (Foodbank, ASPCA, etc.)
  • Go downtown
  • Adopt a plant or start a garden
  • Catch (and then release!!) fireflies 
  • Make the ultimate summer playlist 
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise
  • Do a spa day 
  • Go shopping (or window shopping if you don’t want to spend money!)
  • Write a story 
  • Go to the library 
  • Have a water balloon fight or do something outside with water
  • Build a fort
  • Go swimming 
  • Write and send a letter to someone

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

My Favorite Healthy Ways to Get Your Starbucks Fix

By: Kiera Kofkin-Hansen

I grew up hating being basic, but then I moved to America and discovered Starbucks! Junior year taught me that coffee is an essential, but I sadly learned that some of the best Starbucks has to offer comes at a high price–both figuratively and literally. Over the past few months, I’ve been researching–and taste-testing of course–the healthiest ways to satisfy my ever-lasting Starbucks cravings, and I’m here to share. 

Nutella Iced Coffee

I love chocolate, but I love Nutella most of all; I started drinking a Nutella Iced Coffee at Starbucks, and it instantly rose to the top of my list of favorite food/drinks. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet, yet definitely has that nutella flavor I long for on a daily basis. Here’s how to order it: 

  • Grande Shaken Espresso 
  • No Classic Syrup
  • 1 Pump Mocha
  • 1 Pump Hazelnut Syrup (Toffeenut works as well!) 
  • 2 Pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla
  • 1 Stevia

Almond Cinnamon Iced Coffee

I must confess, I didn’t love this drink. However, that is probably due to my overbearing sweet-tooth; this coffee is sweet enough, yet far from overwhelming, and is surprisingly refreshing (if coffee can be described that way). 

  • Venti Iced Coffee with Milk
  • No Classic Syrup
  • Almond Milk
  • 1 Pump Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  • 3 Stevia

Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper Egg Bites

These snack-sized egg bites are on the menu as they come, and I LOVE them. Gluten free, vegetarian and full of nutrients, the Roasted Red Pepper Egg Bites are my favorite food item on the Starbucks menu. They’re available all day, but I prefer to get them at lunch, as they are bigger than expected and will keep you very full.