Spring Break Bucket List

By: Mia Allen

Are you staying in town during spring break and need some ideas for things to do? This guide will give you some fun local options and day trips that you can do to pass the time. 

  1. Take a day trip to a North Carolina Beach

North Carolina has a beautiful coastline and tons of beaches. Some popular ones are Wrightsville, Ocean Isle, the Outer Banks, and Emerald Isle. Wrightsville Beach is only two hours away and has plenty of fun things to do! You can go kayaking or boating, spend some time on the beach, and shop till you drop!

  1. Take a Local Hike 

Our town has incredible wildlife and nature. In the spirit of getting outside, you can go on a hike. Cary has plenty of biking trails and paths to hike on. Some of which are the Umstead State Park, Eno State Park, and Reedy Creek Trail.

  1. Visit a New Restaurant

Trying new foods can be tons of fun! Cary has plenty of new and old restaurants, including Mochinut which serves mochi doughnuts, Bonjour Banh Mi & Tea which is Vietnamese cuisine, and La Victoria which is a Mexican restaurant.

  1. Go shopping

Cary and the surrounding towns have a plethora of places to shop. You can visit a local mall such as Crabtree Valley Mall or Southpoint Mall. You can also shop in shopping centers like Crossroads, Waverly Place, and Beaver Creek.

  1. Go to the Museums in Raleigh

Raleigh is an amazing place to spend time during spring break! The capital of our state has a variety of museums you can visit. Some amazing ones are The North Carolina Museum of Natural History, the North Carolina Museum of History, and the North Carolina Museum of Art.

  1. Visit your local farmer’s market

A great way to support local businesses is to buy from local farmers’ markets. In downtown Cary, a farmers market is held every Saturday from 9 am until noon. They have a plethora of vendors and you should visit them at least once this break.

  1. Check out downtown Cary

Downtown Cary is a thriving part of our town and there are so many things to do there. You can pass time by visiting the library or the Cary arts center. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, then stop by the Di Fara Pizza Tavern, Academy Street Bistro, or stop by the Mayton Inn for brunch.

  1. Visit your local ice cream shop

Ice cream is a great treat to have during the break as the weather is getting warmer. Cary has lots of ice cream places like Goodberrys, Fresh Local Ice Cream, and Geluna Gelato.  

  1. Do a Town of Cary event

The Town of Cary holds events throughout the entire year, and you can find them on the calendar on their website. Some of the events going on during spring break are the Applause Youth Theatre’s performance of The Hundred Dresses on March 31st through April 2nd. Additionally, you can go to Bands, Bits, and Boats at the Bond Park Boathouse on April 7th. Find More events at https://aquastar.townofcary.org/newsletter/032023.htm

  1. Read The Page

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