Syria and Turkey Earthquake Update

By: Mia Allen

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th. The death toll has continued to rise to over 47,000 deaths and many more casualties. This earthquake toppled buildings and led many survivors to stay under the rubble for days. The majority of survivors are being left homeless and have to survive the area’s harsh winter. There have been two major aftershocks since the original earthquake. One was in southern Turkey and was 6.3 magnitude on February 20th around two weeks after the first earthquake. It has killed at least 6 people and injured around 300.

The most recent of the two major aftershocks was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that left one dead and multiple wounded after a factory collapsed. There have been plenty more devastating aftershocks, as of the 17th there have been over 1,600 recorded. These earthquakes have caused significant damage to all residents of these countries. Hundreds of children have been put into orphanages, Unicef being a major organization that is helping these children during this devastating time.

Our Cary High community has made a great effort to support the earthquake victims. The Muslim Student Association, Environmental Club, and Idea Club are all working together to fundraise to support the relief efforts. They are selling ribbons for one dollar in the gym lobby during lunch, or you can buy them from a club leader. This is a simple way that students at Cary High School can make a difference and help rebuild these communities. 

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